Chrissy Teigen Is Heartbroken After The Death Of Her Beloved Pooch

It doesn't matter how wealthy, successful or powerful you become: you're not immune to heart ache. You maybe can't imagine what it's like to be a wealthy supermodel living the high life with an even wealthier musician husband, but if you're an animal lover, you can understand how upsetting it is to lose a beloved pet.

Chrissy Teigen took to social media to vent her sorrow after losing her dearly loved bulldog, Puddy. The supermodel announced Puddy's death to her fans, telling them that he had 'gone on to the pup heavens'.

If you follow Teigen on social media, you've probably heard about the Bulldog from time to time. As Puddy has aged, he's had some health problems over the last couple of years. In 2017, they found a tumor on Puddy's heart and he had to have surgery.

Teigan asked her fans to pray for the pooch, who recovered beautifully after suffering heart failure.

"John and I got Puddy in our first year of dating, when I convinced him half-birthday presents were a real thing," she said.

"10 years ago, on May 30th, I found the dog that would be there for us through every up, down, new house, new city, new tour, new travel. He welcomed new pups and loved on new babies and new bellies. He was there for everything."

As Teigan went through testing her cookbook recipes, Puddy was there, and always a willing taste-tester. She goes on to say how Puddy was always there, whether she needed a shoulder to cry on or a sloppy kiss.

It’s true what they say. We are their entire lives and it is the greatest shame that they can only bless us with a short spark of time in ours," she continued. " I always knew I would lose a piece of me when he left us. I feel the hole now."

Teigan concluded with a message to her beloved pup: "I will love you forever, my boy. My heart aches. Thank you so much for everything, everything."

Fans offered their sympathy to the family.

"[S]o many of us know this heartbreak—but what a lucky, lucky boy to have been loved so much," said one fan on Instagram.

"Condolences. They are only here for a moment. And while we might have many many moments we only have a little with them. You will be their best friend for their whole lives. And that's pretty special," another said.

"I never comment on celeb post but THIS!!! I can relate," said another sympathetic fan.

"I'm so sorry! This is one of the hardest things. But the memories keep him alive," said another.

To lighten the mood, the playful Teigan began trolling her friends on social media. A friend of hers posted a photo of herself playing in the snow in New York City, and Teigan responded, "Glad to see your so happy my dog died.”

When a hairstylist posted a picture of her new rose hair and body oil line, Teigan wrote, "Puddy hated roses."

Laughter mixed with tears — Puddy would have wanted it that way. His passing is sad, but he lived a good life, which is a lot more than some dogs get. Rest in peace, Puddy.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: YouTube

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