See How Two Women Look After Spending $90k to Look Like Ivanka Trump

Two women from Texas are so obsessed with Ivanka Trump they have had extensive plastic surgery to make themselves look more like her.

One of the women, Tiffany Taylor, has had breasts implants, cheek fillers and work on her nose to make her look closer to the Republican candidate's eldest daughter.

A 33-year-old aspiring socialite, she wants to have Ivanka's 'classic features', she explained in an interview with the media.

Taylor, employed in the oil and gas industry, notes she has spent close to $60,000 transforming her look.

Jenny Stuart, a 36-year-old from Houston, said she also wanted to look like the 'classy, pretty' woman.

Stuart, who claimed she is often told she looks like Angelina Jolie, had a Brazilian butt lift, breast enhancement, nose job and have fillers in her cheeks.

Plastic surgeon Dr Franklin Rose worked with both women to create their new looks.

In an interview, Rose said Ivanka makeovers are hot right now.

“Breasts or nose or face, she has such a pretty face shape. This is not the first patient that's come in with a picture of Ivanka Trump. She is very beautiful and she's very poised.”

Rose said the name almost everybody mentioned was that of Donald Trump's daughter.

“She's the star of the media at the moment and she's disarmingly beautiful. You get a lot of J.Lo, everyone wants her buttocks, but over the past four months it's been all about Ivanka.”

Source: MailOnline
Photo: ABC Nightline

Tiffany Taylor after surgery

Jenny Stuart after surgery

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