Brad Pitt Celibacy Rumors Busted

The fascination with Brad Pitt and his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, doesn't ever seem to end. It's almost impossible to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the high-profile relationship, and really, is it anyone’s business what is going on in their private lives?

Still, fans want to know the scoop, but at least one rumor has been put to rest. Brad Pitt has not taken a vow of celibacy, as some gossip columns have reported.

Several media outlets claimed that Pitt vowed to stay celibate for a year after his two-year long marriage to Jolie came to an abrupt end. Jolie and Pitt got together back in 2006 after working on the film ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’.

There were rumors of an affair, which both deny, but Pitt shortly ended his first marriage and a year later, Jolie was pregnant. They had three birth children together and adopted one child together.

Jolie had adopted two other children before the relationship had blossomed, and Pitt adopted those children as well.

Media outlets, such as The Sun, claimed that after more than 10 years of building and raising a family with his ex-wife, Mr. Pitt was struggling to mend his broken heart. He was determined to avoid intimacy with any other women until working out his own issues.

The media outlet claimed the 54-year-old celebrity was 'focusing on a daily routine of sculpting, workouts and meditation' in order to get his mind off the way his relationship with his ex-wife, and his children, fell apart.

According to 'Gossip Cop', it's not so. A source close to Pitt says that the claims are rubbish. Some sources even say that Pitt has been dating casually, but finding love again is not his current goal.

Pitt went from one marriage to Jennifer Anniston to another long-term, serious relationship with Jolie, so right now the star himself claims he's trying to slow it down and adapt to being on his own for a while.

He has said in interviews that he has quit drinking and is focusing on living a healthy lifestyle and on work.

Other rumors have claimed that Pitt was already romantically linked to other women, such as Sienna Miller, Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, and even his former 'Friends' star wife, Anniston. None of the rumors have actually panned out, either.

The Star magazine reported that Aniston and Pitt were spotted together in Aspen on a secret rendezvous, and the sparks were flying between the two. Aniston, who was still married to Justin Theroux at the time, denied the rumors. Her representatives have denied the story.

News soon after that Theroux and Aniston were calling it quits on their three-year marriage fueled rumors of a reconciliation between Pitt and Aniston, but once again, the rumors have been denied, and as of yet, nothing seems to have come of it.

Pitt's next film 'Ad Astra', he'll play a futuristic space traveler searching across the galaxy for his missing father. The father will be played by Tommy Lee Jones. It's slated to be released in January of 2019.

Pitt is also working on a new Quentin Tarantino film about the murder of Sharon Tate. The film will focus on the backdrop of Tate's life, and also stars Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio.

Source: Inquisitr
Photos: Georges Biard, Forieghn & Commonwealth Office, Myedisi

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