Ellen DeGeneres Posts Photos Of Impoverished Kids in Africa, Slammed for Showing 'Poverty Porn'

Looking at Ellen DeGeneres, it's hard to believe the 60-year-old talk show host is 60 years old. It's a fact, though; the youthful looking Cover Girl just recently celebrated becoming a sexagenarian. She celebrated by taking a trip to Africa, and shared photos to her Instagram account. Instead of getting praise, the comedian was blasted over the photos.

Most of the photos were met with approval. DeGeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, went on safari and showed off photos of the spectacular views and wildlife. One picture in particular that caused a controversy featured DeGeneres posing for a photo with 14 African children.

The children were crowded around DeGeneres in the middle of a field, looking impoverished. One has to wonder if the kids even know who the U.S. comedian and daytime television star is. People began jumping on Twitter to blast DeGeneres.

"A trip to Africa isn't complete without the obligatory photo with "poor" African kids. How else will people know you took a trip to an African country?" wrote one person.

"Stop show casing them as poor, illiterate and look like they are 100 years behind of mankind of today. Y'all white people just want the "third world " to be known and seen like this for another 100 years . All you white guys need is the natural resources and animals of Africa , afraid of educated Africa will not listen to your governments," said one person on Instagram.

Some people wonder why celebrities who visit Africa love to post photos of themselves with poverty-stricken children and women, when they probably spend the vast majority of their time there at lavish hotels, restaurants and spas, far away from the impoverished districts.

"Why didn't she post the pictures of the lavish neighborhoods of Africa? Stop portraying bad image (sic) of Africa to the world!!!" one person complained.

One person accused DeGeneres and celebrities like her of using the kids as props for their Instagram pages.

"This is a misfire. White tourist taking a pic with anonymous group of ‘happy but poor African kids’ always is. Examine your motivations in taking this pic- be honest. Showing how ‘real’ your experience was? Did kids consent to this being posted? These kids aren’t props," one said.

Another person complained that photos like these hurt tourism in African countries like Rwanda.

"Ellen, the purpose of #VisitRwanda is to encourage tourism and business opportunities. You're not helping by participating in Poverty Porn... Africans don't travel to your country to take pictures with your half-a-million homeless people. Please do better. We are no one’s charity."

In fairness, DeGeneres and de Rossi posted a number of different photos, including photos at their own resort. The star hasn't commented about the backlash she got for the photos, but there are people coming to defend her on her Instagram account.

"Please explain to me what on that photo indicates poor, sufferings kids?" one person writes. "Just because they are black and living in Africa everyone assumes they are charity cases being used for PR? Don't insult their dignity with wrong assumptions. Those kids are probably bragging to all their friends about taking a photo with an American celeb. Let's find out some facts before judging."

"Beautiful photo. These kids look so happy. Some people are just negative and have unhappy lives. Ellen has do more for the world than most people will every do. Stop being so jealous and hypocritical. These kids are well dressed and look very happy. Get off your high horses people," said another.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: The Ellen Show/Instagram, Celebrityabc/Flickr

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