Jessica Simpson Defends Husband Throwing Four-Year-Old Son With Broken Arm In Pool

Celebrities who post family videos on social media open themselves up to criticism. As soon as a photo or video comes out, the mommy shamers and daddy shamers are quick to come by and throw in their two cents.

After posting a photo of her son with his arm in a cast being thrown in the pool, Simpson was blasted by her fans. She defended herself, and her husband, for their parenting choice.

Simpson shared the news that her adorable son, Ace, her four-year-old son, broke his arm about 10 days ago. "This kid is breaking more than hearts these days #FirstBrokenBone #ICriedMoreThanHeDid #ACEKNUTE," she posted, showing a photo of Ace at the doctor's office with a new cast on.

A week later, Simpson shared a video on Instagram. It was a beautiful summer day and the family was enjoying a little pool time. Ace was especially having some fun doing acrobatics in his cast.

The ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ star’s husband, 38-year-old Eric Johnson, was in the pool playing with the little boy. The dad picked up the child and threw him high in the air for a backflip. Ace flipped over and landed in the water, feet first. It actually looked like a lot of fun, but many parents were concerned about the little boy's arm.

"I had no idea it's possible to swim with a broken arm! Probably not the best choice," wrote one person.

"Love you, Jess, but why throw a kid with a cast on? Even in water," wrote another.

"I know it is called fun and kids are allowed it but with a broken arm brings some concerns is all I am saying," another person posted.

"If this is called parenting then what is America coming to? Celebrities and upper-class people tend to get away with things more easily while those who are middle class or poor class don't get any assistance comparatively. #unacceptable #immature #wrong," one person chastised.

Simpson didn't seem bothered by her haters. "A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down #waterproofcast #ACEKNUTE," she wrote.

Many fans rushed to defend her and her husband as well, telling the mommy shamers to mind their own business.

"Do you see the cast on his arm? That’s to prevent anything else from happening. Tell me the last person that broke a bone by hitting the water after being thrown two feet in the air," one person noted.

"I think he looks like he is having fun!!!! There are tons of things that 'are not a good idea' but it doesn’t mean you can’t do them," one responded.

"Awesome!!! All you haters get over yourself. Nothing is wrong about this! Just a kid living life and having fun, good for him!" said another.

"Mom Shammers please move along and go make your husband a sandwich or something," said another.

"Don’t let ignorant people bring you down," one person said to Simpson. "They don’t know the severity of the fracture. Different fractures allow patients to do different activities while injured. No two fractures are the same."

"My son swam on the swim team while in a waterproof cast ! #perfectlyfine," another shared.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Jessica Simpson/Twitter

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