John Stamos is Daddy Shamed After Posting Photo Of Himself With His Baby In A Carrier

John Stamos, America's favorite TV uncle from the sit-coms 'Full House' and the reboot, 'Fuller House', was out and about with his firstborn in New York City. The actor posted a photo of himself walking with his 4-month-old son, Billy. The image got a lot of attention because the actor apparently held the baby incorrectly.

The actor captioned the cute photo, "The Stamos boys take Manhattan'. In the photo, Stamos is walking down Time Square with Billy strapped to his chest in a carrier. The baby is peeking out over the edge, checking out the scene, seemingly oblivious that he's got one of the hottest men on the planet as a father.

The daddy shamers rushed out to slam Stamos for putting his infant son in a carrier the wrong way. Some also criticized his choice of carriers.

"So cute," one person commented, "but still a baby at this age and in this place should not be in a carrier facing forward. Always towards you! Maybe you can try a more ergonomic baby carrier!?"

"Nononono... not that way around!!!! Aaahh... my heart hurts to see this... his spine is overstretched!!!" said another.

"So sweet but please, buy an ergonomic carrier for your tiny baby, like @lennylamb babies should not be carried like this being so little," said another.

"The baby must to go in front of you, looking to you. His back can be damaged," advised another.

"Agreed, baby should still be facing forward for all of the extra cuddles and full neck support," said another.

Other fans were sick of the shamers, and told people to leave celebrities alone.

"This is why celebrities don’t share their personal pics and special moments with y’all! Someone always have something to say! Like y’all are perfect! Let him live," one person wrote.

"Not that you need the validation but you guys look great… your Baby looks great, his head isn't flopping around and pants are fine, they help protect from the sun on his fair skin," another said.

"OMG I think he knows what he is doing......isn't there more going on in this world to worry about than how a Dad is loving his baby......and he is doing nothing wrong......worry about the ones who leave their babies in heated cars that die.......or kill them cause they are drugged up," one person noted.

"People worried about how a father carries a child. Mind your dam business and leave the man alone. Dont y’all have life to attend to?" said another.
Others just couldn’t believe the actor could walk down New York City streets without being mobbed. He was passing by a group of girls at the time of the photo, and some marveled that he wasn’t recognized.

"Those girls would die if they knew uncle Jesse walked past them... I would," one said.

"How mad do you think those girls are that John Stamos was right behind them and they didn't know?"

"How are people not noticing you...I sure would," another added.

Others just kept things positive, congratulating the 54-year-old first-time dad.

"So happy for you!! What a beautiful baby boy!"

"I was expecting something dangerous! I think it’s a great photo. He was probably thinking it didn’t matter, and it doesn’t! He's going to protect his son for the rest of his life. Congratulations to John and his family," one woman wrote.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: Angela George, You Tube, Hyku/ Flickr

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