Kim Kardashian Highly Recommends Surrogacy, If You Can Give Up Control

Kim Kardashian is pretty well known for being a control freak. The social media mogul puts great effort into her attempts to ensure everything she puts her stamp on is perfect, from photos on Instagram to her reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Every detail seems to be given attention when it comes to her hair, nails, make-up, outfits, skin, home, vacations, kids etc., and even her handwriting looks like a font.

When Kardashian hired a surrogate to handle her third pregnancy, rumors swirled about what the picky celebrity might be putting the poor woman she chose through on a daily basis. According to one report by Gossip Pop, the surrogate had a craving for some junk food during her pregnancy, and Kardashian 'went berserk' when she saw what the oven for her bun had put in the shopping cart.

Items like Cheese-Its, pretzels and chicken nuggets were apparently a big no-no.

Anonymous 'insiders', who can always be relied upon for fair and accurate reporting of a celebrity's personal life, alleged that Kardashian was continuously hounding the woman carrying her baby to make sure she was eating right and exercising. "Kim's freaking out over every little thing," said the source.

Another source says Kardashian was very unhappy when the surrogate revealed her own birthing plan. Kim wanted her third baby to be born in Cedars-Sinai of Beverly Hills, where her other two babies were born. The surrogate wanted to give birth near her own home in San Diego.

The fact that she and husband, rapper Kanye West, were going to have to go to San Diego and just wait made her furious.

Kardashian herself admitted that control was a factor for her when it came to this pregnancy. The 37-year-old mom had a tough time with her first two pregnancies due to placenta accreta, a condition in which the placenta grows too deep in the uterine wall.

She said giving up control to a surrogate was even harder than the medical problem, though.

" I think it is so much harder to go through it this way, because you are not really in control," she said in an interview with ET.

"And, you know, obviously you pick someone that you completely trust and that you have a good bond and relationship with, but it is still ... knowing that I was able to carry my first two babies and not, you know, my baby now, it's hard for me. So, it's definitely a harder experience than I anticipated just in the control area."

Even now, after the birth of baby girl Chicago West, she says it was hard to turn over the reins.

“I hated being pregnant,” she said. “But as much as I hated it, I still wish I could have done it on my own. The control is hard at the beginning."

But she claims it wasn't as bad as people thought. Her surrogate was on board with eating organic, and Kardashian says she didn't try to deprive the woman of anything.

"I straight-up told her, ‘Look, I ate doughnuts every single day. If you want doughnuts and ice cream, go for it. Do whatever you feel.’ I’m not going to be picky like that. That’s just ridiculous.”

Kim says that once you let go of control, it's 'the best experience'. "I would recommend surrogacy for anybody.”

Source: Page Six
Photos: Fact Mag, You Tube, Eva Rinaldi

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