Late, Late Show Host Gets Cher To Tell All About Fling With Tom Cruise In Hilarious Game

James Corden of 'The Late, Late Show' recently played a round of 'Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts'. The fun game is a little like Truth or Dare, except instead of any old dare, you have to eat something gross if you refuse to answer the question. It can be a fun game-- if you're a spectator.

Making it even more fun, Corden played it with the diva extraordinaire, Cher.

Cher is one of the most successful celebrities of all time. She's been dubbed the 'Goddess of Pop' by fans, and she has also won herself an Academy Award for Best Actress for the film 'Moonstruck'. Not only is she oozing with talent, but the celebrity has always marched to the beat of her own drum.

She's got one of the most unique styles and personalities in Hollywood, and the 72-year-old has never been afraid to speak her mind.

When Cher sat with Corden for the game, she was given the honor of asking the first question. She asked Corden who the drunkest person at the royal wedding was.

Corden said he knew the answer, but was worried about sharing it. After all, what went on at the very exclusive after party was supposed to be very hush-hush. Ultimately, the host opted to eat a very pungent thousand-year-old egg.

Corden then got to ask Cher a question, and it was a doosey. "You've said Tom Cruise is one of your top five favorite lovers; who are the other four?"

Cher and the 'Mission Impossible' star, who is 20 years her junior, dated briefly in the 1980s. Cher reportedly made the comment in 2013.

"I don't even remember saying that," she said.

"But do you remember doing it?" Corden asked.

"Yep," she nodded.

Cher, a certified cougar, declined to get too much into detail about her love life, however. She quickly opted to pop a dried caterpillar instead.

Cher got to ask Corden another question, and asked him who he would least like to repeat a session of carpool karaoke with: Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey or Brittany Spears.

Again, Corden opted for the gross food. Cher made him drink a milkshake made of fish, chips and mushy peas.

In the final question, Cher was asked something that completely stumped her. She couldn't even answer it.

The very vocal critic of President Donald Trump was asked to come up with something nice to say about the world leader. After giving it some thought, Cher declared that she couldn’t even think of a single thing.

By default, she had to opt for the gross food. Corden had chosen a cow tongue. The tongue sat whole on a plate, the massive slab of meat looked as unappetizing as it gets.

Perhaps Cher brought it on herself; when Corden showed off the food choices earlier and introduced the tongue, Cher said, "I would rather rat out my mother than eat that."

But when push came to shove, the ‘Believe’ singer was a great sport. She picked up the tongue and cautiously, while grimacing, bit into it and chewed. It no doubt left a bad taste in her mouth, but it seems she felt complimenting President Trump would leave a worse taste.

Source: HuffPost
Photos: YouTube Screenshots, Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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