Oprah Says She Wouldn't Bother Talking to Trump Unless She Thought She Would Actually Be Heard

Oprah Winfrey hasn't made any formal announcements about plans for running for president, but for many of her fans, hope springs eternal. Even her not-so-big fans are pondering the idea of an Oprah candidacy.

President Donald Trump attended a campaign rally and said he would love to run against her. Days later, Oprah gave an interview.

While she didn't comment about a presidential campaign of her own, she did have some great advice for whoever does square off against Trump in 2020.

Trump was in Pennsylvania to back congressional candidate Rick Saccone for the 2018 midterm elections, but he took a moment to look ahead toward 2020. The president brought up the buzz about Winfrey possibly running for president, and said he would 'love it'.

“I would love to beat Oprah. I know her weakness. Wouldn’t we love to run against Oprah? I would love it. I would love it. That would be a painful experience for her," he said.

Stranger things have happened (consider the 2016 election), but CNN polls showed that if Winfrey ran against Trump right now, she'd be nine points ahead of him. Within months of taking office, the president began losing a lot of supporters and his approval ratings have been dismal.

If things keep going like this, it's hard to imagine anyone losing to Trump in 2020.

Winfrey is so popular that just an endorsement from her weighs pretty heavily with voters across the nation. Some credit former President Barack Obama's win over Clinton in the 2008 Democratic Primaries to Winfrey's support.

At the Golden Globes last month, she gave an eloquent speech heard round the world, renewing the buzz about a possible Winfrey 2020 campaign. Instead of complaining about immigrants from 'sh-tholes' and insulting world leaders, Oprah's speech pointed to all the right things and inspired hope.

For a few moments, people actually felt hopeful about the country and our future, which was extremely refreshing given the general despair many have been wallowing in for over a year now.

But even with all this, it's unlikely she'll throw her hat into the ring. The media mogul has repeatedly said that she doesn't feel she's cut out for a career in politics, and has claimed she never intends to run for office.

Thankfully, she did give some of her sage advice to anyone who is thinking about running in 2020. In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Winfrey urged politicians to stop slamming their opponents and focusing on the negatives.

“Do not spend all your time talking about your opponents. Do not give your energy to that which you really don’t believe in.”

As to whether she would be willing to talk to President Trump, Winfrey basically said she felt it would be futile. “I would only speak where I feel that I can be heard. So, I would only speak if I felt I could be heard,” she explained.

Trump is not exactly famous for listening or for taking advice, so that’s unlikely to happen.

Winfrey, however, is someone who has always been good at listening, and it seems she’s heard her millions of supporters. Some of Winfrey's closest friends have been hinting that the media queen is actually mulling over the idea of running, so the dream lives on for now.

Source: AOL
Photos: Youtube, Flickr- Whoohoo120

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