Princess Diana Reveals She Had Doubts About Marrying Prince Charles Because of 4 Words He Uttered

When Prince Charles married Princess Diana, it seemed like the world could not get enough of the couple. Their relationship was touted as a regular storybook romance, in which the beautiful young woman found her prince, married him, and was set to live out her happily ever after.

Unfortunately, there was no happily ever after for Diana. The marriage fell apart within a few years, resulting in nothing but scandals and embarrassment. It seems Charles had always been in love with another woman, and he had been carrying on an affair with her for almost his entire marriage to Diana.

After Diana finally seemed to be moving on from the drama, she was killed in a tragic accident because the paparazzi could simply not leave her alone.

Sadly now, more than 20 years after Diana died, lost interview tapes emerge, and in her own words, the people’s princess revealed that her life could have taken a very different course. Something Charles said in an interview just before the wedding gave her pause, and almost made her reconsider the entire marriage. We can only imagine if she had called it off that she might still be alive today.

According to biographer Andrew Morton, Diana confessed that she almost called the whole thing off. Something Charles said in an interview after they were engaged ‘traumatized’ her, and it gave her a lot of reservations about the wedding.

A reporter was interviewing them shortly after the engagement announcements went out. Diana was already feeling wounded because of the engagement ring she chose.

She picked the famous oval sapphire out of a catalogue, while it was more customary for one to be designed for a royal bride. Commenters began calling it the ‘commoner’s sapphire’, and it made Diana feel a bit out of place with the royals.

Then the reporter asked Charles if he and Diana were ‘really in love’. Charles’ flippant response really knocked his fiancé for a loop.

He responded, “Whatever ‘in love’ means.”

After that, Diana wrestled with her feelings and seriously thought about calling it off. She ended up going through with the marriage, hoping to make it work, but unfortunately that isn’t how things ended for her.

In Morton’s book, “Diana: Her True Story,” he shares some of the revelations she made to him for the first time since her death. While most knew that the marriage ended in a shamble, the book shows how the young woman had more struggles over her relationship with Charles than we might have dreamed.

While Diana’s life ended in tragedy, two very good things came out of her union with Charles: Prince William and Prince Harry. They were the bright spots in their mother’s life, and they are now two bright spots in the modern world.

The two take after their mother a lot, and thankfully they have learned from her mistakes. Both seem to be following down a much brighter path. William and his wife, Kate Middleton, seem to be extremely happy together raising their children.

Harry has been over the moon with his upcoming wedding to American actress Meghan Markle. The two have broken a lot of traditions and are determined to do things their own way.
Their mother would be so proud.

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