Trump Pulling Out of Iran Deal Is 'Misguided' and a 'Serious Mistake', Says Obama

In 2015, then-President Barack Obama struck a long-term deal with Iran regarding the country's nuclear program. After years of Iran making an effort to advance its nuclear program, the deal lifted crippling economic sanctions off the country in exchange for them limiting their nuclear activity.

The goal was to try and control the spread of nuclear weapons throughout the world.

Conservatives have long slammed President Obama for the deal, and Donald Trump heavily criticized the deal on the campaign trail. Since even before taking office, Trump has threatened to withdraw from the deal, much to the dismay of those who wish to prevent nuclear war.

Trump made good on his promise by announcing the U.S. was withdrawing from the deal. “This was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made,” Trump announced in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House.

“It didn’t bring calm, it didn’t bring peace, and it never will.”

France, Britain, Germany and Russia immediately criticized Trump's actions and expressed concern. The European countries quickly made an attempt at damage control by offering to make follow-up deals with Iran.

Iranian parliament went into an uproar, burning the American flag and chanting 'death to Americans'. The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei blasted Trump for the decision. "He had maybe more than 10 lies in his comments.

He threatened the regime and the people, saying I'll do this and that. Mr. Trump, I tell you on behalf of the Iranian people: You've made a mistake," he warned. "We accepted the nuclear deal, but the enmity against the Islamic Republic did not end."

Now, Obama has weighed in on the decision. It's unusual for the ex-POTUS to criticize Trump directly, but he expresses grave concern for the latest move from the White House. He took to Facebook on Tuesday to voice his concerns.

“There are few issues more important to the security of the United States than the potential spread of nuclear weapons, or the potential for even more destructive war in the Middle East,” Obama wrote. “That’s why the United States negotiated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in the first place.”

“The reality is clear. The JCPOA is working – that is a view shared by our European allies, independent experts, and the current U.S. Secretary of Defense,” Obama said.

“Walking away from the JCPOA turns our back on America’s closest allies, and an agreement that our country’s leading diplomats, scientists, and intelligence professionals negotiated," the former Commander-In-Chief continued.

"In a democracy, there will always be changes in policies and priorities from one Administration to the next. But the consistent flouting of agreements that our country is a party to risks eroding America’s credibility, and puts us at odds with the world’s major powers."

One of the few countries to praise Trump's withdrawal from the deal is Saudi Arabia. After Trump made his announcement, the country put out statement saying that if Iran issued any sanctions against the U.S., they would be standing by.

"The kingdom will work with major oil producers within and outside OPEC, and with major consumers as well to limit the impact of any shortages in supplies."

Source: AOL
Photos: White House, NASA, Air Force

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