Vanessa Trump Dated Gangster Who Says She Helped Him Make Drug Deliveries

Many are wondering what Vanessa Trump's future will be now that she's filed for divorce from her husband of 12 years, Donald Trump Jr. According to a new report by Page Six, what she allegedly did in the past proves much more interesting.

According to an expose by the publication, the mother of five once dated a member of a notorious gang, and she even helped him deliver drugs.

Page Six reported last month some eyebrow-raising comments from an anonymous friend of Vanessa. According to the friend, when Vanessa found out about her husband's affair with singer Aubrey O'Day in 2012, she called the singer and 'went gangster on her', right in front of her children.

It's hard for people who don't know Vanessa to imagine her as 'gangster', but apparently there is a lot that people don't know about her. Page Six now claims that, before she met and married Trump, Vanessa dated a member of the Latin Kings street gang for five years.

Vanessa attended an Upper West Side prep school with a tuition of almost $50,000 per year. That is where she supposedly dated high school sweetheart, Valentin Rivera, who she met in fifth grade

Rivera says he and Vanessa dated for years, and that she even helped him drop off weed to friends in her stepfather's convertible. He claims he would keep an illegal firearm in the trunk.

According to Rivera, he was fiercely protective of his girlfriend. “If anybody disrespected her in any way, I would physically put my hands on them,” Rivera told us. “Any types of disrespect — call out her name, mess with her, anything.”

Vanessa was also willing to fight for Rivera, he alleges. “She got into a couple of little catfights... She was pretty jealous... as far as other girls and stuff, she let it be known that I was her man.”

After they dated for about a year and even attended prom together, Rivera was arrested for assault. He spent a few weeks in New York's Rikers Island before being transferred to an upstate maximum security prison for youths. He claims Vanessa visited him twice.

“She was heartbroken that I was being taken away,” he said. “The first time [she came to visit], she was upset — she cried a little bit — but after a while, we get used to things. She only came to visit me twice because her mother forbid her from coming to visit me.”

In prison, Rivera fell in with the Latin King, the largest Hispanic gang in the world. After serving a little over a year, he went home to Vanessa. He claims the two were in love and dreamed of getting married and having five children together.

At first, he says, Vanessa was concerned about his affiliations. “[Vanessa] was worried in the beginning,” Rivera told Page Six, “but after I guess seeing the power of who I became, she was cool with it.”

Rivera said Vanessa like 'the street life' but since she wasn't Latino, she wasn't eligible to join the gang.

The couple broke up when Vanessa, by then a model, had been cheating with film star Leonardo DiCaprio. Rivera had been arrested on more serious charges and has done several stints in prison since then for weapons offenses, assault and negligent homicide.

Rivera says he's not a fan of the Trump family, but, “I’m happy for her that she has five beautiful children and she’s doing well.”

Source: AOL
Photos: Page Six TV

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