Dan Rather Says Media a Factor 'In the Rise of Trump'

The media and Presidential Candidate Donald Trump are too close for comfort for former CBS News Anchor Dan Rather.

Rather said that cable network’s non-stop coverage of Trump is an attempt for them to boost their ratings, Huffington Post reports.

“What I worry about is, in a way, the media is a political partner, a business partner of Donald Trump,” said Rather in an appearance on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.

The media, he says, is responsible for helping him to get the Republican nomination. According to the Huffington Post, Rather wants to see cable networks have balanced editorial coverage and equal air time for all the candidates.

“I think there has been some media complicity in the rise of Trump,” Rather said. “It’s not the only factor, but it has been a factor of providing him so much airtime, and in some cases being complicit in arranging that airtime.”

Rather acknowledged that the real estate mogul excels when it comes to being “media-savvy,” compared to his opponent Hillary Clinton.

Trump constantly makes himself available to cable networks, especially for phone interviews; and schedules his press conferences and events at times viewers are watching, Rather said, adding that it could be the area where he can give Clinton a run for her money in November.

Source: Huffington Post

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