Eagle-Eyed Viewer Alerts Piers Morgan To Potential Health Concern After Seeing Him On TV

Gillian Nuttall was watching ‘Good Morning Britain,’ and she couldn’t shake a nagging feeling about something that she saw. Nuttall wasn’t upset about a segment on the program or anything like that, but rather about an issue with the show’s host.

She just so happens to be the founder of Melanoma UK, and she spotted something on host Piers Morgan that concerned her. As the Daily Mail shares, she decided to reach out to Morgan via email.

“Piers, at the risk of sounding like a lunatic, I'm just watching your programme and there's a blemish on your chest. Have you had it checked?” she wrote.

Morgan took her advice and went and got it checked out. Sure enough, the melanoma expert was right on the money, and Morgan was quick to give her credit for bringing it to his attention.

“This week, a top dermatologist took one look and immediately cut it out. Much further delay, he informed me, and it might well have turned cancerous. Give that lady a gold star,” he said.

“Thanks, Gillian. Oh the irony of a serial killer inadvertently helping to save my life. Merry Christmas!”

As for the serial killer part, Morgan was interviewing a man that’s featured in an ITV Serial Killer documentary. Morgan notes that he got very involved with the cases featured in the documentary, as he studied up on the killers and met with their families.

“But you do get very involved with these crime ones, you spend a week immersed in it and it's chilling,” he explained. “You go into the scene of where it happened, and you engage with families... it consumes you.”

During one clip, he interviews 56-year-old Mark Riebe, who is serving life in prison for one murder, and claimed to have committed dozens of others before recanting his claims. Morgan had a spirited discussion with the killer before Riebe walked out of the interview.

“Well you're wrong. This is over. We're done, I answered your questions,” Riebe said.

'”Why are you running away? Why don't you sit here like man and answer these questions?” Morgan asked.

“I know I'm not a 110 lb woman you can kill. You did kill them didn't you? You killed them all.”

Nuttall was reached for comments after Morgan’s disclosure that he had taken her up on her advice, and she’s glad that she listened to her instincts.

“He was interviewing a serial killer and I watched it - he had an open neck shirt on and it caught my eye. I stopped the TV and looked closely - it really bothered me so as I’d got his email, just thought “quick shove in the right direction won’t harm,” she said.

“I was right. I haven’t got a Piers Morgan fetish, honestly!”

She founded Melanoma UK back in 2007, and the organization provides support for patients with the deadly form of skin cancer. It sounds like the 52-year-old Morgan is in the clear for the time being, but we’re going to assume he’ll be more proactive about changes to the appearance of his skin in the future. Nuttall deserves a ton of credit for taking the time to reach out to him, as her hunch just may have saved him a ton of problems down the road.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: MailOnline, YouTube

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