Haters Shame Gold Medalist's Hair, But She Takes It Like A Champ

Simone Biles is an amazing woman. At just 20 years old, she is the first Olympic gymnast ever to win four gold medals. She's a three-time world champion for all-around and floor, she's a two-time world champion for balance beam, and has a combined total of 19 medals between the Olympics and World Championships. Now, Biles has become the first honorary Houston Texans cheerleader. But instead of praise after her first game on Sunday, she's getting slammed over her hair.

Biles was extremely excited about cheering her team on when the Houston Texans faced the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.
"Can't wait to cheer at my first game. Go Houston Texans!" she wrote in a tweet before the game.

She got a lot of encouragement from her fans with more than 34,000 hearts.

"Slay, Simone! Have a great time,” responded one person.

“Good luck!!! Hope you enjoy the experience,” said another.

It seems these days, no matter how cheerful the occasion, the haters have to come out and get in their digs. One woman started the negativity when she made fun of the gold medalists hair.

“Baby … Your hair … You need some black friends,” said the woman.

That slight was retweeted ten times as much as Biles' original tweet. Some 46,000 likes came in. More people rushed to Biles Twitter feed to chime in on her hair.

“I really cringe when I see a pretty black girl with hair not laid to some decree," said one.

"“She got too much money to b walking round like that," said another.

"Somebody gotta call her momma," said one Twitter user.

"Man! She can’t be out here in front of the world looking like that," responded another.

It seems that no matter who you are these days, or what you do, people on the internet are going to have something negative to say and are going to be mean to you. Even as society is becoming more aware of just how words can destroy lives, and the importance of being positive and kind, bullying and cyberbullying seems to be reaching epidemic proportions these days.

It’s not just a few people, it’s a widespread problem. For every person who will defend someone in one situation, arguing that it’s not right to be mean or rude, the same people will go off and be just as bad to someone else they disagree with in another situation. It’s a never-ending cycle.

For some people, this kind of criticism can be debilitating. People don’t realize they could be picking on a sore spot that has caused a person distress and frustration for years. Those off-hand remarks can dredge up painful memories and stir up all kinds of self-conscious feelings that the individual has to start battling all over again.

Thankfully, Biles is a top-ranking athlete, and quickly found the strength and confidence to deal with her hair critics. She brushed off all of the negativity with a quick little joke. “just came straight from a 4-hour practice w/ my hair in a bun excuse my hair ... hahah,” she wrote.

A lot of her supporters came forward, too, to defend the gold medalist. “There's more to life than your hair. We have a gold medalist (who brought my child so much hope) pursuing yet another goal and killing, puffy hair & all lady you rock. Truthfully you did such an amazing & great job today, that's all people should be talking about,” one person said.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, YouTube, Twitter

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