Kelly Clarkson Slammed For Child Abuse After Posting This To Social Media

Kelly Clarkson has been accused of child abuse by a fan after she posted a video of her two-year-old daughter, River, eating Nutella for the first time on Instagram. While the singer and majority of fans saw the video as completely adorable, some fans lashed out at Ms. Clarkson, going as far as to accuse her of abusing her own daughter.

Mothers across the globe have rushed to the defense of Ms. Clarkson after more than one Instagram user began to attack Ms. Clarkson, commenting on her weight: “Stop trying to make your daughter as fat as you. That’s child abuse. You should be ashamed,” one user wrote.

Another mother was alarmed at the amount of sugar young River was consuming, maintaining “There’s way too much sugar in that. I wouldn’t give that to my kid. Too young.” For the American Idol star, a woman who has struggled with her weight since having children, this comment among many others, was hurtful, rude and completely unnecessary, a fact that many other Instagram users were quick to point out in response to the harsh comment.

One mother supported Ms. Clarkson, stating “I gave my child Nutella when she was only 6 months and she is perfectly fine. I don’t understand how people like you start s*** like this just for attention.” Another user fired back at the child abuse claims, declaring “You…should be ashamed of yourself because only you two would think that she’s abusing her child.”

While it is common knowledge that Nutella has an astonishingly high sugar content, spokespersons from Nutella have stressed that “Nutella can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet” and “…in moderation.” Despite the opinions of those particular individuals, Ms. Clarkson was in fact, not abusing her child, but allowing her to indulge in a delicious treat, something that promotes healthier eating later on in the child’s life.

Source: AOL
Photo: YouTube

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