Robert De Niro's Daughter Sued For What She Said To Black Nanny

Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro's daughter-in-law is being sued by her former nanny. According to the accusations, Claudine De Niro discriminated against the black nanny back in 2014.

Another domestic employee of the 40-year-old woman says that the boss failed to pay her. De Niro's son is divorcing Claudine.

Claudine De Niro is not having a good year. She's being sued by a former housekeeper for not paying wages. Her husband, Raphael De Niro, filed for divorce earlier this year after a decade of marriage.

Now, topping things off, a former nanny has come forward to make explosive allegations about Claudine making racist comments to her.

Linda Williams, the couple's former nanny to their three children, came forward to add her name to the wage lawsuit. The lawsuit was initiated by former domestic staff member Thais Dilazary, who said Claudine withheld her wages and failed to pay her overtime when she worked 60-hour weeks.

Williams brought new accusations of racism into the mix. The former nanny says that Claudine told her in 2014, "I wouldn't have hired you if I had known you were black."

The ex-nanny also claims that the mother told her that the family 'never had a black nanny' for their biracial children. Williams said the comment was an example of how her former employer fostered a 'hostile work environment' that was 'permeated with intimidation, ridicule and insult'.

Considering Claudine's children are part black, the comments are all that much more shocking. Diahnne Abbott, Robert De Niro's ex-wife and Raphael's mother, is African-American.

Some people who know Claudine say that the comments are not just shocking, but highly suspect. They don’t believe that the Manhattan socialite would have said such discriminatory things.

Claudine herself is 25 percent African, according to a friend. The unnamed source reportedly told the Daily Mail, "[H]er mom was from Haiti and great grandma from Cameroon, Africa. Her name was Venus. Not only has she been business partners with Naomi Campbell, she worked for Puffy and has had extremely close ties in the African-American community."

"Racism is not something she tolerates. She doesn't discriminate for anything ... not race, gender, sexual preference, social status or anything," the insider claims.

"Anyone who knows her can testify to this including her ex-husband and many celebrities and professionals within the hip-hop community."

The case is ongoing, and at this point there have been no comments from Claudine’s camp.

Claudine is the daughter of João DeMatos, owner of BACC Travel agency in New York, and the late Margarett Ann Dufanal. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, and she has done a lot of work to raise awareness about being the parent of a child with type 1 diabetes ever she and Rafael's daughter, Ella, was diagnosed with the condition.

Raphael has apparently moved on. The real estate broker has reportedly already been dating someone new, though he's been trying to fly under the radar since he and Claudine split up.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Facebook, MailOnline, New Idea, Flickr- chinkster23

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