When Ellen DeGeneres Found Out What Mechanic Did To Gay Man's Car, She Had To Intervene

It's terrible that in this day and age people are still getting bullied for being gay, but unfortunately, that is the reality. One bright young college student and his family were doing the best that they could to pay for his education when an unneeded expense arose: his car was vandalized with anti-gay slurs.

He then had an encounter with a mechanic that was so shocking that even a celebrity talk show host got wind of it.

Since 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' premiered in 2003, it's been more than just about interviewing celebrities. Ellen regularly brings on guests who are regular people with a story to tell.

The talk show host can't seem to resist sharing stories that will inspire others, such as when one person does a selfless good deed.

Ellen brought two men on the show to share their story. Jordan Addison, a college student from Virginia, revealed that he had been harassed because he's gay.

The young man was home with his family for spring break when he says they heard his car alarm go off one night. He thought he might have forgotten some French fries in there and that a bear was attacking.

There were no bears to be found, but he did see a person running away. The person had vandalized the car, carving gay slurs and 'die' into the paint job.

Addison's car was vandalized four times by the unknown person. His four tires were slashed and his windshield was smashed.

Addison and his family couldn't keep up with the repairs on the old car. His aunt and uncle had come out of retirement just to help him pay his college tuition.

Addison said he was getting scared to leave the house due to the incidents.

His friends at his school helped raise about $500 with a bake sale, which he used to reimburse his aunt and uncle for the windshield they paid for, but the damage was extensive. Addison was riding around with the slurs keyed on his car and 'junk yard tires'.

The owner of Quality Auto Paint and Body in Roanoke, Virginia got wind of Addison's story from someone he knew, and he was horrified. Richard Henegar Jr. didn't know Addison at all, but he says he can't stand discrimination of any kind, so he got in touch with Addison and told the student to bring the car in for a look.

Henegar said he'd 'see what he can do'.

Henegar went above and beyond the call of duty. He not only gave Addison's car a new paint job and fixed all the damage.

They also gave him tinted windows, put in a stereo system, an alarm, and fixed any wear and tear on the old car, which had about 200,000 miles on it.

All in all, he put about $10,000 of work into the car. He didn't charge the broke college student a cent.

"Richard, I have to say, you are the kind of guy who gives everybody hope," Ellen tells him. "To see that you would do that for someone that you had never met before, you just heard this story," she added.

Henegar says he never expected the positive response that he got; he just wanted to help someone. Complements of Cover Girl, Ellen presented both Addison and Henegar with checks for $25,000.

Source: Little Things, HuffPost
Photo: EllenTube

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