Woman Gets Engaged, Tries To Text Sister But Accidentally Texts Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar

A woman got a little rattled when her boyfriend popped the question. After she gave him a resounding 'yes', she couldn't wait to tell her family. She jumped on the phone and shot off a text to her sister to tell her the news, but in her excitement, she dialed the wrong number.

What she didn't realize was that she had accidentally dialed the number of none other than 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Charlyn Willis of Georgia sent the misguided text to Gellar, along with a picture of herself flashing her gorgeous ring. Super-cool Gellar couldn't let it just go by without taking the opportunity to wish the couple well.

Gellar jumped on Facebook and Instagram, posting the picture of Willis. "This is #CharlynWillis. She got engaged yesterday, and meant to text her sister, but in all the excitement, got me instead. Her sister didn’t respond, but I did. So please help me say congrats, to Charlyn. (And her fiancé whose name I don’t know)," the message read.

The 'Cruel Intentions' star is really a sweetheart, and having a celebrity endorsement of your engagement is a great way to make the moment memorable. Willis and her fiancé were over the moon.

“I guess the best way to announce your engagement is to have a celebrity do it for you," Willis wrote in her own Facebook post. "Thank you Sarah...You’ve truly made my engagement experience even more of a life changer! Please know when we set a date, I’ll be reaching out to invite you, Freddie, and the kids!"

Perhaps even more epic than having one celebrity announce your engagement on social media would be to have a family of celebrities show up at your wedding. Isn’t it awesome when a wrong number turns out to be a right number?

It always pays to double-check before sending that text, unless you are the adventurous type who won’t mind if it goes astray. You never know what kind of surprises you’ll get when the wrong person is on the other end.

Another bride-to-be was sending texts to invite her fiancé’s family and friends to a barbecue and wedding photo shoot. She ended up sending it to the wrong people, and while she didn’t get in touch with a celebrity, she did make a few new friends.

The bride initially texted, "BBQ and wedding photos this Saturday, June 14th, from 4-7... Be there!"

She included a link to the address on Google maps.

The person responded, "Who is this?"

"Roger's (soon to be wife) Kristen!" the bride answered.

The person she was talking to informed her, "You have the wrong number but me and my boys will be there."

The embarrassed bride quickly responded, "Oh sorry! Not an invite to strangers!"

"We still coming," was the priceless answer.

The funny thing is, if you search for the hashtag #westillcoming images, you'll see a photo of a wedding party for a white couple dressed in their tuxes and gowns, with a few young, black men dressed in t-shirts in the photo with them.

While no one has confirmed if this misguided text and photo is just an internet hoax, a lot of people hope it's the real deal because it would be such an awesome way for people to come together.

Source: Glamour
Photos: Facebook

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