Vogue Spread: "Will Hillary Clinton Make History?"

Recently, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was featured in a 10-page piece in March Vogue. In addition, she's mentioned on the cover along with the Mario Testino photoshoot. The piece was approved by Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, who has often supported Hillary throughout her career. In fact, Hillary was previously featured in the magazine during her husband's Monica Lewinsky crisis.

Known to her staff as "Nuclear Wintour," she is a serial fundraiser for Clinton and has called her the "best choice" for the White House. The piece is titled, "Will Hillary Clinton Make History?" It then comes with an unnamed supporter in Iowa who says Clinton's choice to take a second shot at the White House as "fundamentally, an act of generosity." She is further quoted as saying, "So I want to say thank you to you because you're pleasant, you're joyous, you're happy."

Normally, these types of profiles are broken up by advertising. Clinton's profile has none of that. Wintour is the daughter of Charles Wintour, the late editor of the London Evening Standard. Wintour, 66, also has a history of endorsing Democratic candidates. Wintour has since been called, "Hillary's favorite journalist."

In May 2014, Clinton gave Vogue exclusive excerpts from her book Hard Choices. In 2013, Wintour said, "I think Hillary is running a very strong campaign; she feels very confident. Of course it would be wonderful for Hillary Clinton to be the first female president, but I think she would be the first to say that she wouldn't want people to vote for her just because she's a woman."

Photos: Vogue/Mario Testino

Anna Wintour, Vogue's Editor-In-Chief, is a serial fundraiser for Clinton and has called her the "best choice" for the White House.

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