10-Year-Old Rushed To Hospital With Stomach Pains, A Huge Surprise Is Revealed

A 10-year-old girl in Brazil was at school when she began complaining of stomach pains. As the day went on, things continued to get worse for the girl. A teacher finally took the child to the hospital, but she was in for a huge surprise.

Doctors revealed that the young girl was not having ordinary stomach pains - she was in labor.

The 10-year-old girl was about seven months pregnant and gave birth to a baby, two months prematurely. There were no complications during the birth and the baby appears to be fine.

Both children are in the neonatal care unit at the hospital, but the idea that such a shocking thing can happen is beyond disturbing.

It’s unclear if the 10-year-old knew that she was pregnant. The girl's family was surprised to hear about it, and told authorities that they had no idea the girl was having a baby.

What’s more, they had no idea who might have been responsible for the pregnancy.

The child then opened up about a terrible secret she had been keeping. She revealed to her mother that her ex-stepfather had sexually abused her. He had only recently left the home.

It’s unclear if he realized what he had done to the girl and ran, or if he was just left by chance at the right time.

The mother immediately informed the police, who went and tracked down the stepfather. The 40-year-old man was reportedly arrested and quickly confessed to police about abusing his stepdaughter.

He told them he frightened the little girl into staying silent by threatening to kill her mother and brother if she told anyone about the abuse.

The stepfather was charged with rape of a child. He has also been charged with possessing illegal firearms.

The girl's mother said her daughter had started struggling in school and became withdrawn a little over a year earlier. She says she didn't notice that her daughter was pregnant, though, with the child's small frame and the girl barely reaching the third trimester, authorities say it’s understandable.

Because of the age of the child, the names of all individuals involved are being withheld to protect the family’s privacy. There is no word on whether the little girl’s family will be keeping and raising the baby, or whether they have plans to put the child up for adoption.

Sadly, this kind of incident is not completely uncommon. While 10 years old is young to be having a baby, it isn’t the youngest pregnancy on record. In 2013, a 9-year-old girl in Mexico gave birth to a baby. She was dating a 17-year-old boy.

Wanwisa Janmuk of Thailand was married off to a 27-year-man at the age of eight. At nine years old, she had their first child.

In 1933, a young girl from Peru was found to be pregnant. Lina Medina was only five years old at the time she gave birth to her son. She was so tiny that doctors had to perform a Cesarean section. It’s unclear who the baby’s father is—Lina has never revealed his name, and it is possible she’s not even sure of who it was because she was so young.

The very thought that a young child’s innocence can be taken away like this is horrifying.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: WGNTV

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