35-Year-Old UK Man Diagnosed With Flu Dies Of Pneumonia

A dad who thought he had come down with a bad case of the flu was found dead in his own home from sepsis mere hours from when he was diagnosed with a chest infection and sent home with antibiotics.

Paul Hardy, a resident of Biddulph in Staffordshire, was found dead in bed by his wife, Rachel, later that evening.

According to records in North Staffordshire Coroner's Court, Hardy had twice visited doctors over the prior four days when he became ill with flu symptoms. However, medical tests after he died found Hardy had sepsis, that is, septicemia or blood poisoning, caused by streptococcus pneumonia.

Hardy’s family chose to make his tragic death public so that “lessons can be learned” from his death. The family is also contemplating legal action believing that something could have been done to prevent Hardy’s death.

Mrs Hardy commented: “I am utterly devastated by Paul's death and so is my daughter and we loved him immensely. It is still hard to believe that he is gone and incredibly difficult to come to terms with the fact that I have lost my dear husband, who I expected to grow old with, and Gabriella has lost her doting father.”

She went on to note: “While nothing will bring Paul back, it is vital that patient safety and care is improved so that what happened to Paul never happens to other families.”

Hardy had an initial appointment with a nurse practitioner on Friday, February 17, but court testimony indicates Hardy was not showing signs of infection and the cause was thought likely a virus. It seems that Hardy was told to rest and take OTC medications, and then went to bed believing he had flu.

Unfortunately, Hardy’s condition worsened over the next couple of days, with symptoms including high temperature, a deep cough, puking and diarrhea.

Then on Monday, February 20, he went back to the clinic and saw a different nurse practitioner, who checked his temperature, heart rate, oxygen levels and pulmonary exam.

This nurse diagnosed his condition as a chest infection, and prescribed antibiotics and referred Hardy for a chest x-ray at a nearby walk-in clinic.

The nurse testified in the hearing: “When I saw him he did not show sepsis symptoms. I understood he was going to go for the x-ray straight away.”

Mrs Hardy, however, said she and her husband were told he could not be x-rayed until his temperature was reduced and he was just too sick to go for an immediate x-ray.

They decided to just return home and then he went straight to bed.

Mrs Hardy commented:”He was restless. At 6pm I took him some food. I propped him up and fed it to him.”

She went to take care of the family, and came back to their room at 8.10 pm.

“When I walked in I knew he wasn't breathing,” she stated.

“He was laying there like he was asleep. I rang an ambulance and his mum and I started CPR.”

Hardy was pronounced dead by emergency responders at 8.48 pm.

According to a post-mortem exam, Hardy was suffering from an abscess on his lung, which was partly collapsed. The official cause of death was sepsis due to streptococcus pneumonia with abscess formation.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: BPM Media, YouTube

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