5 Things You Can Do To Keep Yourself Looking Younger

If only there were a fountain of youth-- we wouldn't have to worry so much about aging. While nothing will turn back time, there are still things you can do to keep yourself looking young and healthy.

1) Rest

We've been brainwashed to think that slowing down is a sign of weakness. Don't underestimate the power of a good night's sleep. Don't worry about squeezing in all those tasks you didn't have time for-- go to bed! You'll have more energy to complete them in the morning.

2) Shade Yourself

You don't have to lay out on the beach to suffer damage from the sun's rays. Every day, all seasons, those UV rays are destroying your skin's natural elasticity. Put on your sun screen, glasses, big floppy hat, or carry an umbrella. It's better for your skin and, hey, who doesn't love to accessorize?

3) Be Gentle With Your Skin

Think you're doing something good for your skin by attacking it with products and abrasives every night, then slapping on whatever lotion you got from the drug store? Think again. Your skin is delicate-- be gentle with it. Educate yourself on the type of products best for your skin type, and on how to properly use them.

4) Drink Up

Your moisturizing regime should start on the inside. Carry water with you and nurse it all day long. Even minor dehydration has an impact on our skin's resilience.

5) Eat Up

That's right. Stop thinking about what you can cut from your diet, and start thinking about what you can add. Anti-aging foods include Greek yogurt, olive oil, avocados, oranges and kale. Put them on the menu.

If you keep up with these tips, you might be surprised to discover that when they find that fountain, you won’t need it.

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