Mom Questions Doctor's Diagnosis After Seeing Son's Drawing, Saves His Life

Every day, people around the world are misdiagnosed with diseases and conditions that they never have. In other cases, doctors dismiss people’s concerns and ignore signs of potentially life-threatening medical conditions.

A recent story from American Web Media has shown how catastrophic this can be when the patient is a child. No one, especially parents, wants to see children suffering when there are ways to ease their pain or discomfort.

When you bring your child to see a medical professional, you expect the doctor or pediatrician to do everything in their power to treat or diagnose the problem. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always occur; a fact well known to the Erulkeroglu family.

When Tiffani Erulkeroglu woke up on Mother’s Day, she had no idea how quickly her joyful day would be derailed. In the early hours of the morning, Tiffani heard her 7-year-old son, Emre, screaming in pain and throwing up uncontrollably.

Tiffani was understandably terrified that her son had some sort of infection or virus and decided to rush him to the hospital.

However, when Tiffani had arrived, her son had recovered slightly and was no longer vomiting. Consequently, by the time Tiffani and her son saw a doctor, the medical professional quickly dismissed her fears, writing the extreme symptoms off as “just a migraine.”

After being sent on her way, Tiffani wasn’t able to shake the feeling that her son had been suffering from something more serious. Unsurprisingly, Tiffani decided to do some research for herself.

After consulting some home diagnosis medical websites, Tiffani worried that her son might have a brain tumor. Although she knew it was unlikely, Tiffani couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility that the brain tumor had gone undiagnosed.

To try and put her worries to ease, Tiffani decided to take her son back to the doctor, asking if he could perform some neurological tests on her son. After much pressing, the doctor finally agreed to Tiffani’s repeated demands.

However, even after the basic tests, the doctor still concluded that there was no chance the 7-year-old boy was suffering from a brain tumor.

But the headaches and vomiting continued, and Tiffani became more and more convinced that the doctors were wrong. Unfortunately, Tiffani’s concerns were met with derision by many doctors.

After asking regional specialists for a second opinion, one doctor even told Tiffani to “stop asking her son if he was having headaches.”

One day, Tiffani noticed that Emri’s sketches always included a small dot on the side of his forehead. When Tiffani asked him about the feature, the young boy told her it was for the “headache that never goes away.”

At this point, the worried and stressed mother knew that she had to put more pressure doctors. Finally, after several intensive MRIs, doctors concluded that a cystic lump in Emre’s pineal gland was actually a brain tumor.

After three months of being ignored and mocked, Tiffani has finally received a diagnosis about Emre’s condition. However, according to AWM, Emre’s tumor is located in a very difficult position, making surgery almost impossible.

More details about the brave young boy’s medical situation are yet to be revealed.

One thing is for sure, Tiffani’s story shows that you should never take a doctor’s opinion as gospel.

Source: AWM
Photos: The Sun, The Brain Tumour Charity

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