After A Fun Christmas Partying, Teen Dies Of Cancer She Didn't Know She Had

An 18-year-old girl from the U.K. was diagnosed just weeks before Christmas with a tumor in her stomach, though doctors didn't communicate how serious the condition was. Just after Christmas, they scheduled her for surgery to remove the tumor.

The teen was so far gone that she died on the operating table due to complications. Her health care team says she would have died within weeks anyway, even if she had survived the surgery.

Her shocked family is trying to wrap their heads around the news.

Emma Walsh, mother of 18-year-old Ellie Walsh, had no idea her daughter was so sick until it was too late. When Ellie died during an operation removing her tumor, the family had no idea she had terminal cancer.

They didn't think Ellie knew, either.

"We didn't realize just how ill Ellie was. She had tummy pains for a few years and then about five weeks ago, a scan showed she had a tumor," said a devastated Emma.

"We have been going to the doctors since 2014 as she has lost a lot of weight and had bad pains in her side but it was always passed off and she was given paracetamol."

Ellie was a vivacious young woman with a bright future ahead of her. She had impressed someone at a law firm and had been hired as a receptionist.

She was planning to go to law school.

Ellie had grown up with a close group of friends. She was out with them on Christmas Eve having the time of her life.

"They loved partying and even though Ellie was usually quiet, she would talk to anyone on a night out," said Emma.

Her friends paid tribute to the young woman online. Her mother was touched by the messages.

"I went to primary school with Ellie and we started secondary school together until she left to go to LSST, but we still remained as close as ever," said Mary-Anne McNulty in a tribute.

"Ellie was a kind, generous, beautiful and funny young girl. She will always remain my best friend and she will never be forgotten."

"I want to say thanks to everyone who has got in touch," Emma said. "The nice things said about Ellie have been a real comfort."

Doctors didn't apparently realize the extent of the girl's cancer when the tumor was first detected. It was five weeks before they even scheduled the surgery, leading the family to believe the matter wasn't urgent.

"She died during the operation but before she went in [for the operation] I told her I loved her and that I would see her later," the grieving mother said.

"When they told me I was in shock and my head went into a spin. You could see they were upset but they did all they could."

"I wouldn't wish that on anybody though," she adds.

Emma says that in a way, she’s glad that Ellie didn’t know about her illness because instead of worrying about it, she got to go out and live life to the fullest up until the very end. "I am taking comfort from the fact Ellie got to do all the things she wanted to do as had she had known, she wouldn't have enjoyed herself as much."

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: BPM Media

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