Baby Screams Every Time Mom Breastfeeds on Right Breast, Has Sinking Feeling Why

There’s a school of thought that says everything happens for a reason, and here’s another tale to bolster that argument. As the Independent Journal Review shares, a new mom discovered she had breast cancer - thanks to her breastfed infant.

Sarah Boyle already knew something wasn’t right, as she had found a lump in her breast. A trip to the doctor allayed her fears as she was informed it was merely a cyst, and she stayed on top of it and had it re-checked several times. Fast forward a few years, and Sarah was a new mom to a beautiful baby boy named Teddy. While attempting to breastfeed him out of the affected breast, Teddy got awfully fussy and downright refused to nurse from that breast.

“He just wasn’t having it, even if I gave him a cuddle on that side he didn’t like it,” she explains.

It hit her like a ton of bricks, and Sarah knew she needed to get it checked out again. Sure enough, the cyst was now cancerous.

"Teddy is my hero. If it hadn’t been for him I would never have suspected I had cancer...Teddy could obviously smell and taste that the milk from my right breast tasted different from the milk from my left breast," Sarah continues.

Sarah immediately stopped breastfeeding so she could begin undergoing treatment. She’s nearly halfway through chemotherapy now, and she plans to get a double mastectomy when all is said and done. The young mom is speaking out so that other women become more proactive in checking for lumps, and she knows how fortunate she is that her little angel helped her to discover she had the dreaded disease. Sarah’s doctor was among the many that have been amazed by her touching story.

“He told me it was very fortunate I chose to breastfeed, otherwise my illness may not have been discovered,” she said.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Facebook/Sarah Boyle via Independent Journal Review

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