Bride In Nebraska Has Major Allergic Reaction To Flowers At Her Wedding

Christine Jo Miller has always loved flowers, and has dreamed of a wedding with hundreds of beautiful flowers all around ever since she was a little girl.

Unfortunately, the 23-year-old bride got her wish, but it was a little more than she bargained for as she had a major allergic reaction to flowers she had picked for her wedding floral arrangements.

Just hours before she was to walk down the aisle, Miller was dealing with a red and bumpy rash on her face. Moreover, her eyes were starting to swell shut and she was afraid she might go blind.

“I was in so much pain,” Miller commented in a recent interview with national media sources. “Nobody knew what to do.”

When Miller and her college sweetheart, Jonathan, made plans to get married this September, the bride-to-be decided on floral arrangements with flowers from her 29-acre plot of land close to Lincoln, Nebraska.

Miller had always thought that snow-on-the-mountain, which is known for its beautiful off-white blossoms, would be perfect for a wedding, so she cut and prepared several dozen of these attractive native flowers

Snow-on-the-mountain is also poisonous, but Miller was not aware of this until after she washed her face the morning of the wedding, and the sap residue from the snow-on-the-mountains was still on her hands from the night before.

Within an hour, Miller began to break out in a rash. Her eyes became so swollen that her mom took her to a nearby emergency clinic, but it was closed.

Determined not to miss her own wedding, Miller pulled on her wedding gown and went to the ceremony. She said later she was feeling absolutely terrible walking down the aisle.

“I literally couldn’t see my husband when I was saying my vows because my vision went blurry,” she explained. “So blurry I passed out twice at my reception.”

Unfortunately, there were several other related other snafus.

“Due to all of this going on, and since I put my wedding dress on 20 minutes before walking down the aisle, I forgot to wear shoes at the forest wedding,” Miller noted. “My veil fell out twice walking down the aisle, we forgot our rings, and our wedding song didn’t get played.”

The couple also ended up skipping the unity part of the ceremony because they forgot to bring those items.

“Our pastor cut it short and married us in a hurry because of the pain I was in,” Miller commented with a small laugh. “Literally my entire day was a mess.”

Moreover, after the pair exchanged their vows, the Millers didn’t go to directly the reception. Instead, they went to a nearby hospital to get some allergy meds for the bride.

Of course, there were problems there also, given she was now married with a new name. That said, the newlyweds eventually got some relief for the new bride at the hospital. After taking a large injection in her buttocks, the bride and groom stopped by Target to pick up some more comfortable clothes for her to wear at the reception.

You can see photos of the happy couple at the reception with Christine wearing a t-shirt with “Bride” on the front and a pair of plaid pajama pants as she and the groom head out to the dance floor for the first dance and cut the wedding cake.

Source: HuffPost
Photo: Inside Edition

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