Child Underwent Hundreds Of Doctor's Appointments, 13 Surgeries - Now, Mom's Been Arrested

A mother from Dallas, Texas, has been arrested by police after she repeatedly subjected her 8-year-old son, Christopher, to several major surgeries while he was completely healthy. The mother in question, 34-year-old Kaylene Bowen, also took the young boy to see doctors several times a week, culminating in 323 visits by the time he turned 8.

According to ‘The Cut’, Ms. Bowen took her son to doctors after she developed the idea that he was suffering from terminal cancer. Ms. Bowen also claimed that her son required a lung transplant and was struggling with muscular pain and a milk allergy.

However, each and every one of these claims is completely baseless. NBC 5 reports that, after seeing doctors 323 times and receiving 13 major surgical operations, medical professionals concluded that the boy was – and always had been – completely healthy.

One doctor recorded this fact after an early visit from Ms. Bowen, writing: “The doctors do not find Christopher to be sick.”

Because of her deceitful and dangerous assertions, Ms. Bowen is now on the hook for a slew of charges, including a felonious charge of injury to a child.

Since the incidents have been made public, Christopher’s father, Ryan Crawford, has spoken out about his former partner’s behavior, telling NBC 5 that he thinks Ms. Bowen has some form of Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

This condition was identified after several studies confirmed that some caregivers suffer from a mental illness that causes them to concoct symptoms in order to be the center of attention.

Since becoming a father, Mr. Crawford, who broke off his relationship with Ms. Bowen when he noticed how obsessive she became about sickness, has tried to convince medical authorities that Christopher’s deranged mother is fabricating information to support her completely false stories.

Eight days after giving birth to Christopher, Ms. Bowen told doctors that the infant was throwing up milk but nothing else. However, Ms. Crawford alleges that he never saw any evidence of Christopher throwing up milk or displaying any symptoms of an allergy.

Despite frequent emails and calls from Mr. Crawford, the mother’s lies continued to become more and more elaborate, leading to several major – and needless – surgeries. Eventually, after being brought before a judge in a custody hearing, Mr. Crawford heard Ms. Bowen telling the court that her son was on the brink of death and required a feeding tube.

“The issues escalated to eventually she claimed that my son was dying,” Crawford told NBC 5.

After creating several GoFundMe pages, Ms. Bowen managed to rake in thousands of dollars in donations from people who thought their money was going towards much-needed medical treatment and expenses.

However, child protective services finally intervened after Ms. Bowen took her son to the hospital and told doctors that he had suffered some sort of seizure. When doctors found no sign of a seizure, child protective services launched an investigation, eventually concluding that all of Ms. Bowen’s medical concerns had been false.

Christopher is currently staying in a foster home.

Source: The Cut
Photos: Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, Kaylene Bowen/Facebook, CBS DFW, NBC

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