Chinese Woman Using Phone While Entering Faulty Elevator Has Leg Severed

Not paying attention to where you are going or what you are doing when you are using your smartphone is an increasingly major problem all across the world. Using your phone constantly in public is a particular problem in areas outside of the developed world where less stringent public safety regulations may apply or there is little to no enforcement of existing safety standards.

In an incident testifying to the importance of paying attention to where you are going, a young woman in China has apparently suffered a severed leg in an elevator accident when her right leg became trapped between the closing doors.

Footage from the security camera in the building shows a short-haired woman using her phone while walking onto the lift. She almost immediately tripped and fell over, and her leg was stuck between the doors when the elevator moved up.

Based on reports from Chinese media sources, it seems the young Chinese woman was using her smartphone and was not aware of the fact that it had begun moving before she entered the elevator car.

The media sources claim that another woman behind her managed to escape the dangerous situation as she stopped and did not enter the moving elevator like the first woman.

The elevator moved up three floors before it stopped, and in photos of the incident, the woman can be seen lying on the floor and waiting for help.

The unfortunate woman can be seen struggling to get her leg out and apparently the lift had crushed and severed her right leg. Although it could not be seen clearly, it looked that the woman’s leg had been cut off below her knee.

It has been confirmed that the incident occurred in June 2017, but the video clip of the accident was only released a few days ago. Authorities confirm that the accident occurred in the Conch Building on Zhongshan West Road in Shanghai.

In a similar elevator accident that occurred in Spain earlier this year, 26-year-old Rocio Cortes Nunez was killed on an elevator between the second and third floors of Our Lady of Valme Hospital in Seville.

"I'm a total wreck," Nunez's husband, Jose Gaspar, noted in an interview with Spanish media.

"This cannot continue. Today it has been Rocio, but tomorrow it could be another person."

David Gaspar, Nunez's brother-in-law, told Europa Press the family was "devastated," and Nunez's mom said she only found out her daughter had died when she heard there was an accident at the hospital and asked a member of the hospital staff

"I went to the information desk," Carmen Nunez explained.

"They told me that a girl had died, and then they confirmed that she was my daughter. What a cruel death she suffered."

It seems that Nunez had just given birth to her daughter, Triana, and was on her way to a maternity ward when the accident occurred.

Apparently, Nunez's stretcher was pushed into the elevator, but the elevator started to move upwards without warning before the stretcher was completely inside the car inside, with the result that Nunez’ head was trapped between the roof and the elevator frame.

Local media sources say it took firefighters two hours to reach Nunez's body.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: LiveLeak

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