Doctors Fail to Diagnosis Cold Sores in 10-Year-Old Girl's Mouth Until Her Sudden Death

Australian Briony Klingberg was seen by several doctors in January 2015 over the course of several days after she presented a fever and started vomiting.

Unfortunately, none of the doctors figured out that the 10-year-old girl had an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus that resulted in her organs failing.

Briony's mom, Bridget, said it was clear there was a major problem when her high-energy daughter was listless.

“She didn't eat her tea, Briony loved her food so we knew she wasn't well,' she commented in an interview with the press.

It seemed that none of the doctors the family went to could provide a definitive diagnosis. “We never went home with a diagnosis, it was all a guess,” she noted. “Everyone kept sending us home so we thought she couldn't be that sick.'

A throat infection was the initial diagnosis, and the young girl was given a course of antibiotics, but her condition worsened.

Briony was finally taken to the Women's and Children Hospital in Adelaide, where ulcers were found on her throat, but she was sent home.

“If there was a view or a concern even that she needed to stay, we would have chosen to stay,” Klingberg said at the inquest into her daughter’s death. “You trust that if she's sick enough, they would say she needs to stay in.”

A third GP prescribed steroids to reduce the swelling in her throat the next day.

Another GP ordered blood tests, and Briony then got an antibiotic injection from yet another doctor. But The next day when she woke up she could not pass urine.

They rushed back to the Women's and Children's Hospital, but the poor girl had a seizure in the car just as they arrived at the hospital and died within a couple of days.

The inquest highlighted that the herpes virus that caused Briony’s fatal infection was not discovered until the autopsy.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: ABC News Australia

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