Doctors Remove Portion Of Man's Bowel - It Contained 28 Pounds Of Feces

Warning: Graphic Images

A 22-year-old man who has been constipated since birth has finally gotten some relief. Doctors in China operated on the young man to remove a portion of his bowels, which were painfully swollen and stuffed with nearly 30 pounds of backed-up poop.

The man has a rare condition that causes chronic constipation.

The man remains anonymous, but it is believed he suffered from Hirschsprung's disease, a disease caused by missing nerves in the gut. The absence of these nerves means the gut can't control the movement of waste, and it gets backed up in the bowels, causing them to swell.

The disease affects approximately one in every 5,000 babies but is uncommon in adults. The disease more commonly affects boys.

The patient told doctors he had suffered from the condition all of his life, according to reports. He used laxatives occasionally when he felt it was particularly bad, but they only offered temporary relief. Somehow, he managed to push through until he couldn’t take it anymore.

A few tests and doctors quickly realized the man had years - perhaps a lifetime - worth of feces trapped in his colon. The man was so swollen from the condition that he looked pregnant. Doctors said he looked like he was about to explode.

Doctors had never seen such an extreme case of Hirschsprung. Surgery is generally considered the only means of treatment for the condition, and doctors quickly scheduled the man in order to bring him some much-needed relief. In a three-hour-long procedure, Dr. Yin Lu removed the problematic portion of the man's bowels.

The surgeon at Tenth People's Hospital of Shanghai removed 30 inches worth of the man's grossly enlarged bowel, and posed for photos with the medical phenomenon, much like fishermen take photos of their biggest catch. They stitched it up at both ends to prevent any contents from falling out of it and snapped a few pictures.

The colon looked like a 20-pound sack stuffed with 30 pounds of goo. The stretched pink skin seemed as though it cold burst at any moment. It’s hard to imagine the agony of having something so huge and heavy inside of you.

While all Hirschsprung's disease sufferers will require surgery to treat the condition, it’s usually performed at an early age and rarely gets so bad.

Children who suffer from Hirschsprung usually show symptoms such as constipation, pain, bloating, poor appetite, vomiting green fluids, lack of weight gain and swollen stomach. It's also connected to certain genetic conditions such as congenital heart disease and Down's syndrome.

Doctors don’t believe anything the mother does will cause or prevent Hirschsprung's disease; it’s passed on through genetics.

With extreme forms of constipation, such as what this patient has exhibited, doctors will usually perform a type of surgery in which the abdomen is altered to divert feces to flow into a pouch. This is known as stoma surgery.

Inevitably, a portion of the colon or bowels is always removed.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: AsiaWire via Daily Mail, Official U.S. Navy Page/Flickr Generic Photo

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