Girl Who Was Raped By Father's Coworker Is Forced To Beg In Court

A girl who experienced a horrific crime is being forced to endure further trauma by the courts.

A teen from Mumbai, India is seeking an abortion from the courts. Her parents brought her to the doctors because of a rapid weight gain, and a doctor revealed that she was in her third trimester of pregnancy. Her life, and the life of her unborn baby, are now in the hands of the court.

The unnamed girl’s parents took her to a doctor thinking that she had an obesity problem. They assumed there was a problem with her thyroid, and that's what the doctor thought he would find. The shocked doctor told the parents that their daughter was 27 weeks pregnant.

The doctor informed police about the pregnancy. It soon came out that the girl had been raped by her father's adult colleague. He has been arrested and charged, however the young girl is still stuck with the difficult situation of carrying her rapist's child.

The doctor recommends that the young girl abort the pregnancy, despite being nearly 30 weeks along now. He says that her pelvis is not fully developed at her young age, and he thinks giving birth will result in her experiencing 'physical and mental trauma', writes the Daily Mail.

It's not up to the doctor, the girl, or her parents at this point. It's up to the Supreme Court of Mumbai. According to Indian law, women past 20 weeks in their pregnancy can only have an abortion if the mother's life is in danger.

"There are definite risks to her health. It will be more troublesome for her the longer it's allowed to continue," said the girl’s doctor.

In a high-profile case just last month, an India Supreme Court rejected another young girl who was seeking an abortion after being sexually assaulted. The 10-year-old girl began experiencing stomach pains, so her family took her to the doctor. The doctor told the parents that their daughter was pregnant.

After her parents talked to her, the little girl confessed that her uncle had been raping her. The girl was not told she was pregnant, however.

When the courts refused to let the doctors give the girl an abortion, despite the fact that her doctor made a plea saying the pregnancy was 'a grave threat' to the girl's life, she was taken to the hospital and told she had to have a stone removed from her stomach. She delivered by C-section. The girl was 32 weeks pregnant at the time, and the baby was born weighing 4 lbs. 8 oz. and was put up for adoption.

In another case involving a 10-year-old girl who reported being raped by her grandfather, a doctor also pleaded for the courts to allow the girl to have an abortion. The court refused, however, saying it was not 'in the interest of the child or of the live fetus'.

In all three cases, the young girls were sexually assaulted and had no idea that they were pregnant until it was too late to get an elected abortion. According to Sneha Mukherjee, a lawyer with the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), the law needs to take the lives of the victims into account. Mukherjee filed the petition on behalf of the 13-year-old girl.

"The courts also have to make their decision keeping in mind what's in the best interest of her, she too is a child after all," Mukherjee said.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Odysee Online, YouTube

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