Husband Woke Up One Morning, Didn't Recognize Bride - Looking At Photos, She Should Have Seen It Coming

One couple got married and expected to live happily ever after; they just didn't expect their ever after to come to an end so quickly. Everything seemed fine until days into the honeymoon, and it was downhill from there. The wife looks back at the wedding photos now and says she should have realized that something was wrong.

Justin and Emma Cotillard tied the knot, and were expecting their first child. They thought after a beautiful wedding, they were going to have a beautiful marriage. But days after they tied the knot, things went terribly wrong.

One morning on the honeymoon, Justin woke up and started yelling at Emma to get out of his room. He didn't recognize his bride. Emma was terrified.

“He thought I was a stranger,” said Emma. “He didn’t remember that I was seven months pregnant with our first baby.”

Because of the unusual episode, Justin and Emma cut the honeymoon short and went back home so the groom could see his doctor. After an MRI scan, the doctor revealed that Justin had a very aggressive brain tumor that would eventually prove fatal.

Justin was given a very grim prognosis. If he underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, he might live as much as two years. Meanwhile, the couple were just five weeks away from the birth of their baby girl. They were devastated, but they wanted to keep the new dad around for as long as possible. They opted for the treatment.

The day their daughter, Mia, was born, Justin began radiation. Because of the treatment, he would only get to see his daughter on weekends. For months, the dying dad spent as much time with his baby girl and his new bride as he was able to spend.

Sadly, the treatments did little to stop the progress of the disease. Justin’s tumor metastasized and was growing at a rate that the doctors say they'd never even seen before.

“They gave me two weeks to take my husband home before he died,” a heartbroken Emma recalls.

Justin was a fighter and actually managed to survive for another seven months. He spent a lot of that time with his daughter and wife, and he got to be with the family for just one more Christmas and his 30th birthday.

After a while, though, he began to rapidly decline. Emma made the difficult decision to put Justin into hospice care.

Mia came down with chicken pox and wasn't allowed to see her dad for a few days, but the hospice nurses saw that the end was coming and realized that there was no harm in it anymore. They helped Emma sneak the baby into the room. Emma and Mia got to say goodbye just moments before Justin took his last breath.

“I went back to his room, laid down on the bed next to him and told him that Mia was on her way,” said Emma. “That was when he let go. He died knowing that Mia was okay.”

Now when Emma looks back at their wedding photos, she says she should have seen something was wrong. The right side of Justin's face was slightly drooping. No one noticed at the time, and it's not like it really would have made a difference, but it was the telltale sign of what was to come that everyone missed.

Source: AWM
Photo: Emma Cotillard

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