Mom Warns Others After Daughter Almost Dies During Nap

A mom was in for a terrible shock when she went to check on her young daughter during nap time. When she was unable to wake the child, she knew that something was very wrong.

Heat stroke is a serious condition that can lead to brain damage, organ failure and even death. It happens when your body temperature rises to above 104 degrees, and is usually the result of physical exertion in the heat, or prolonged exposure to heat.

The body loses water and salt, and is unable to sweat, thus unable to cool itself down. Then the internal temperature just keeps rising to dangerous levels.

Most parents know enough to try and keep their little ones cool and hydrated when they're outside playing in the summer heat, but one mother never thought her child could get heat stroke while taking a nap indoors.

Jennifer Abma, a work-at-home mom, kept her three-year-old daughter, Anastasia, indoors on a hot summer day, so she never thought the child would be in danger. Anastasia went down for her nap in the afternoon, and the mother went on with her business.

Abma later went into her daughter's bedroom and was shocked to find her sleeping girl 'soaked in sweat, red-faced and boiling'. She tried to wake her daughter up for 15 minutes but couldn't rouse the toddler out of her sleep. Abma began to panic.

The mom called an ambulance and paramedics arrived quickly. Local authorities also arrived to investigate. Anastasia was suffering from heat stroke and her blood sugar levels had fallen to dangerously low levels.

After emergency medical technicians administered sucrose, a form of sugar, Anastasia woke up crying.

Abma is still shaking over the terrifying close call. She posted a picture of her daughter on Instagram. “There is nothing scarier than not being able to wake your baby up,” she wrote. “THIS is clear proof a child doesn't need to be in the sun to get heat stroke.”

The mother says she can't help feeling guilty because she didn't realize how hot it was getting in her daughter's room. “I had no idea how hot her bedroom was,” she said.

"No it is not my fault this happened to her but it is hard not to blame yourself, this is a lesson learnt & hopefully other parents can take something from this & make sure you are checking the rooms in your house because the can be as dangerous as a hot car.”

Abma shared her story on Facebook and the post went viral, with many parents horrified about the potential danger.

“How did I miss this?! How terrifying oh my goodness! I'm so glad she’s ok!! I would not have known this either. Thanks for sharing Jenn to help another family from having this happen,” wrote one commenter.

If you believe your child is suffering from heat stroke, according to the, get them into the shade or indoors, remove excess clothing and try to cool them down. You can put them in a bath or shower with cool water, spray them with a hose.

If all you have are small amounts of water, wet a rag or sponge and pat the child down while fanning them. If you have ice packs you can apply them to the head, neck, armpits and groin.

Don't hesitate to call emergency services, but taking immediate action to try and cool the child down can help prevent the heat stroke from getting worse.

Source: Independent
Photos: Jennifer Abma/Instagram

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