Mom Puts Drunk Teen to Sleep in 'Safe Position', Left Haunted When She Wakes

A UK mom named Joanna Goode noticed her 16-year-old daughter came home pretty early from her New Year's Eve celebrations. It seems Megan was supposed to stay the night at a friend's house, but she came home around 11 pm because she was feeling sick.

Goode explained in an interview with the media that she helped put her daughter to bed.
She remarked: “She was still texting her friends 'Happy New Year,' and I went up to bed with her to make sure she was settled. I stayed with her and I did notice she was trying to lie on her back when she was half asleep so I put her in the recovery position.”

The recovery position involves rolling a person onto their side with one arm crossed over their body and the other under their head. It helps keep the airways open if a person becomes unresponsive.

Goode commented in the interview she knew her daughter was going to a party with friends and thought she was in a “safe environment.” She did not know daughter would drink a lot of very strong alcohol brought to the party by an 18-year-old (of legal drinking age).

The mom went back downstairs when her daughter settled down to sleep.
Unfortunately, her daughter died that night.

It seems that Megan drank a lot of Frosty Jack's Cider, a popular “white cider” in the UK which is known for its high alcohol content and low prices.

One three-liter bottle of Frosty Jacks with 7.5% alcohol by volume contains the same amount of alcohol as 22 shots of vodka, and costs just over $4.

It is believed that Megan drank close to half a bottle – equal to 11 shots — in a four to five hour period.
Goode went to wake her daughter the next morning only to discover she had died in her sleep. She had vomited and the contents of her stomach entered her lungs.

Ever since this tragedy, Joanna Goode has been pushing forward with a campaign to warn parents of the dangers of cheap, very strong alcohol.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Facebok/Megan Wilkinson via Independent Journal Review

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