Mom Thought It was the Flu, Then Finds Daughter's Lifeless Body on Couch

A Texas teen wasn't feeling well and was sent home from school. After a trip to the emergency room, doctors diagnosed the girl with the flu. She seemed to have bounced back, but her mother let her stay home an extra day to make sure she was well rested. When the mom got home, she found her daughter unresponsive.

Morgan Larance, 15, was a fairly healthy girl, but she started feeling ill at a friend's house one day. She went home to rest, then got up for school the next day.

Her mom, Jennifer Kimbro, got a call at work to come pick up her daughter. Morgan's blood pressure seemed fine, but the nurse said she had a high fever. By that night, it rose to 104 degrees, and Kimbro brought her daughter to the emergency room.

After tests, doctors told Kimbro that Morgan had the flu. They sent her home, and the girl seemed to be recovering nicely after two days. By coincidence, she had a check-up appointment scheduled, and Kimbro brought her daughter and told the doctor about the recent flu episode.

"Everything was good. She was completely fine. Normal Morgan,” said Kimbro.

The mom decided to let Morgan stay home from school one more day just to make sure. Kimbro went to work and tried calling Morgan to check up on her, but Morgan wasn't answering her phone. The mother became worried and rushed home to check on her daughter.

Kimbro found Morgan unconscious on the couch. She called an ambulance, and an MRI revealed that Morgan didn't just have the flu. She also had acute necrotizing encephalopathy. The rare neurological disease is a serious infection that can occur with cases of the flu.

The disease caused lesions that were attacking Morgan's brain stem and spinal cord, 'like a termite on a piece of wood', Kimbro explained.

Morgan is recovering, but slowly. She's barely had any energy or strength. She's motionless and unable to speak. Kimbro has been posting updates on Morgan's condition, and the girl is finally able to make small movements such as nodding her head and puckering for a kiss.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Facebook/Pray for Morgan via Independent Journal Review

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