Night Owls Are Proven To Be More Intelligent

Growing up, most of us had a bed time. We needed to get enough rest to face the trials of the day. Not to mention, our parents were enforcers of a strict curfew. At least mine were. Well, that might be changing. Why? Because, recent data shows that the most intelligent individuals go to sleep later on weeknights and weekends.

Satoshi Kanazawa, a psychologist at the London School of Economics and Political Science shared that IQ average and sleeping patterns are absolutely related. This harkens the ancient idea that people rise and fall with the sun. Also, the most intellectual brains wanted to challenge the status quo and create their own sleep patterns. Here are some of his findings:

Very Dull (IQ < 75)
Weekday: 11:41 pm -7:20 am
Weekend: 12:35 am -10:09 pm

Normal (90 < IQ < 110)
Weekday: 12:10 am -7:32 am
Weekend: 1:13 am -10:14 am

Very Bright (IQ > 125)
Weekday: 12:29 am -7:52 am
Weekend: 1:44 am -11:07 am

You would think that those who stuck to a set bedtime would be more intelligent, but it seems the opposite is true. Perhaps this is because, when everyone else is in slumber, the intellectuals are still busy ramping up their knowledge about the world. There are no distractions to stop you from taking your imagination to unforeseen levels. The night is when you are most free to test and challenge yourself. While the early bird does get the worm, it is the late owls who can get the worm even before it burrows.

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