Parents Battle Over Whether to Keep 1-Yr-Old Alive

Parents are locked in a battle for their baby's life. Unfortunately, because of a terrible accident, they're not both fighting to save it.

A baby boy was tragically left in a vegetative state after his mother left him alone in a bath tub earlier this year. The baby is on life support, and doctors say there is no hope for him ever waking up. His mother and father are now battling over the next step to take.

Brodie Gilleland and his 2-year-old sister were left together in a bathtub by mom Britianie Pace. Brodie nearly drowned and was in critical condition by the time he was found. He had to be placed on a ventilator, and has remained alive on machines.

The 23-year-old mom was charged with second-degree child cruelty. She's currently out on bond. The children were placed in the custody of the Department of Family and Children Services in Georgia.

Brade Gilleland, Brodie's father, says that doctors have told him that Brodie will never wake up. "The only way to keep him alive is to keep him on machines," said Brade, who is currently living in Atlanta.

Brade is in favor of letting his son be taken off life support and allowing nature to take its course. His wife, Britianie, who is responsible for Brodie's condition, refuses to give permission to take her son off life support machines.

According to Britianie's lawyer, the mother has not been permitted to examine her son's medical records. "I don’t think it’s consistent to deny access to medical records when asking to terminate a child’s life,” said the attorney Angela Kinley to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Kinley says Britianie's 'position regarding her son's medical treatment ... has nothing to do with anything other than her love and concern for her child'.

Mike Stieb, Brodie's grandfather, is worried about the baby's quality of life if he is placed in foster care, particularly if a foster care family does not have medical training.

"It's a legal hot potato and no one is taking action," said Stieb. "Doctors have said the global brain damage is irreversible and there will be little to no quality of life."

"I’d like (the juvenile courts) to address my son's situation," Brade told the Journal-Constitution. “We went to Superior Court about a month ago on a Friday and (Gwinnett Superior Court Judge Kathryn M. Schrader) said she’d have a decision by Monday."

Monday came and went, and the family still doesn't have a decision.

The mother has gotten little sympathy over her position. Some commenters on social media speculate Britianie is seeking to keep Brodie alive on machines because of guilt she feels over his condition, while others say she may simply be trying to avoid manslaughter charges by keeping him technically alive.

"No human wants to make the decision to take somebody else's life especially when it is your own son," said Brade's brother, Bryson Gilleland, to 11 Alive News. "But if you could witness him in person and see the struggle he is going through he is clearly suffering and there is just no quality of life. It is selfish, it is unfair."

Source: NY Daily News
Photo: Facebook

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