Running A Marathon Is Painful Enough - Forgetting The Sunscreen Makes It Infinitely Worse

Warning: this story may make you a bit nervous about hitting the beach or spending time outdoors this summer. A poor runner in the U.K. finished a marathon, but suffered from horrible burns because she forgot to put on her sunscreen for two hours into the race. Take it as a warning - the weather is changing, and sunscreen is no longer just an option.

Julie Nisbet of Shildon, County Durham, England has run 11 marathons in the last nine years, but this ultramarathon was by far a nightmare. It's not the 69 miles that Nisbet had to run; it's the searing sunburn she got for forgetting her sunscreen first thing in the morning.

Nisbet headed out for the unthinkable distance at 7 a.m., forgetting to slather on her 30 SPF. She realized at her first pit stop at 10 a.m. she had forgotten it, and put the lotion on at the time. Considering she was in England rather than the Sahara Desert, and considering it was super early in the morning, you would think the sun couldn't have done that much damage in that amount of time.

"It was only 10 a.m., and the sun wasn't too high in the sky, so at that point I still felt OK," she told BuzzFeed.

You and Nisbet would be wrong, though, if you thought she was in the clear. As she continued on her 69-mile run, which she completed in 21 hours, she began feeling a burning sensation on her legs. The champ just kept slathering on the sunscreen and kept going, though.

By the end of the race, she noticed that her legs were as red as danger signs on the highway, and that she was breaking out in small, yellow blisters. The exhausted runner decided to deal with it later, and just went to sleep.

A couple of hours later, Nisbet woke up in massive pain. She went to an urgent care clinic, and the medical staff bandaged up her legs and sent her home. Again, the runner thought the ordeal was over and went back to bed.

The next morning, Nisbet was shocked to find liquid-filled blisters the size of sandwich baggies hanging off of her legs. She was in tremendous pain and was rushed to the emergency room.

It took a few days for the blisters to drain and for the agony to die down, but Nisbet has tweeted that the worst is over and she's finally on the road to recovery. Her skin practically roasted, though, and it is unlikely she'll ever head out again without sun protection.

"Serious sunburns are extremely common in marathon runners," said board-certified dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe to Buzzfeed. "People often think sunscreen is enough, but most people apply too little sunscreen."

"I'm under no illusion of how negligent I was. Our body is a wonderful and resilient thing, but it also needs constant care, and I didn't pay enough attention during that race to reapply sunscreen. It's been a harsh lesson to learn," Nisbet said.

Source: Yahoo, BuzzFeed
Photo: Julie Nisbet/Instagram

By the time she applied some, it was too late.

She developed these massive blisters.

Her legs had to be bandaged to prevent infection.

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