Tragedy Strikes Mom Who Refused To Abort Baby For Cancer Treatment

A woman who was expecting a baby was given devastating news by her doctor. She was diagnosed with cancer, and her only chance for survival would be for her to have an abortion and get chemotherapy treatments right away. The mother refused to abort and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Sadly, she passed away before her son's first birthday.

Tasha Trafford sacrificed her own life for the life of her unborn baby. She was pregnant when she was told that she had Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare and deadly cancer. Her only option for survival would have been an abortion, but she refused.

"Doing anything that might harm my unborn baby would be unthinkable," said the mom at the time.

The 33-year-old woman was delighted when she gave birth to Cooper, who arrived on December 12 in 2015. Cooper was the best Christmas gift ever, and she was able to spend 11 blissful months with her newborn before she passed away.

Trafford desperately hoped to be there to celebrate her baby's first birthday, but her health just didn't hold out. Her father, Dai Gallivan, was just glad that her daughter got the time that she did with her son.

"She had him for 11 months," the grieving father said. "She knew what was happening but we didn't speak about it much. It was a really long illness and was incredibly hard for Tasha."

Gallivan says he was almost out of town the day his daughter died. He was slated to fly to Mount Kilimanjaro to do a charity climb for Tenovus Cancer care. As the trip drew near, however, his daughter's health was rapidly deteriorating. He passed his place in the climb onto Tasha's brother, David, and stayed with his daughter.

"I knew I couldn't go. I knew in my heart of hearts if I was away then Tasha wouldn't be here when I got back," said Gallivan.

The dad's premonition proved right. As his son sat on that flight to go to Mount Kilimanjaro, Trafford passed away. Gallivan had to make the call to break the news.

David had seen his sister and said goodbye just a day before she died. He went on the trek, anyway, in honor of her memory.

Gallivan is going on the trek this year in honor of Trafford's memory. "It's going to be a good event and my son wants me to do it because he wants me to share the same experience as him," he says. "I'm not worried about the climbing itself, I am pretty sure I'll be okay with that, but I know a lot of people have problems with the altitude."

He's currently raising money for his trek on the website JustGiving.com.

Gallivan says that Trafford probably wouldn’t be surprised that he was going. "I think she'd think it's just what I do. She'd think it's just another thing that Dad does,” he said, remembering his daughter.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Media Wales

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