Woman Issues Warning After Her Face Ends Up Like This

A woman is trying to warn others about unseen dangers after she ended up with a massive health problem.

The woman was pregnant with her second child when she noticed a tiny little mark on her forehead. She went to the dermatologist to have it checked out, only to be told that it was nothing. She believed her doctor and ignored the mark. A year and a half later, she was diagnosed with an aggressive skin cancer that left a gaping hole on her forehead.

Bethany Gambardella-Greeway, a stay-at-home-mom from Texas, tried to follow all the advice. Her mother had skin cancer, so she was very vigilant. The 39-year-old mom always wore sunscreen. She didn't use tanning salons and stayed out of the sun. She went for her annual check-ups. She even went to a dermatologist to get a tiny mark on her forehead checked out. The doctor told her that it was nothing to worry about.

The little mark began to grow and get darker. It became a painful mole. Only 18 months after she was told it was nothing, she was diagnosed with stage 3 desmoplastic melanoma. It was rooted deep in the surrounding tissue and muscle. When Greeway had to have surgery, surgeons had to remove a large chunk of skin from her forehead, including her left eyebrow.

"I do have red hair and freckles so I am genetically predisposed," said Greenway. "Also with my mom being a melanoma survivor I wasn't surprised."

But the wait, she regrets. It made things worse. The cancer had also spread to one of Greeway's lymph nodes, which had to be removed. The mom then had to undergo six weeks of radiation.

It's been a time-consuming, exhausting struggle. "Being in treatment for cancer is definitely like having a really weird second job," Bethany said. "It's not like I am getting money in exchange for my time. I am getting time in exchange for my time."

For now, the cancer is gone. But Greeway has a high risk of it returning. That's terrifying enough, but adding insult to injury, the mom was left with a gaping hole in her forehead.

Greeway began having skin grafts. Surgeons stitched a large, spongey bandage to the wound. Greeway jokingly calls it 'SpongeBob SquarePants a--hole'. When it was removed, it left an even bigger wound.

Thankfully, after continued treatment, the cancer and the hole in her face are gone. She has a large scar on her forehead, but for now, no trace of the deadly disease. She sees her oncologist every three months and is undergoing immunotherapy to help prevent a relapse.

Overall, Greenway says she's 'disappointed in our healthcare system'. She and her husband shell out about $800 per month in insurance premiums, but the out-of-pocket expenses are still outrageous. She's started a GoFundMe page to pay for the $29,000 in medical bills she's accumulated.

Greenway is also keeping a Facebook page documenting her journey in hopes it will raise awareness and help others. "Take care of your body and listen to it," says Greenway.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Bethany Gambardella-Greenway/Facebook

Despite being cautious, she ended up with this.

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