Woman Takes Job Overseas, 3 Years Later Learns They Stole Her Kidney

An Indonesian woman was desperate to find work overseas, and found an employment agency to help her. When she was sent to work for a Palestinian family in the United Arab Emirates, she thought it was reasonable when the family insisted she get a medical exam. She went in for the exam and immediately realized something wasn't right, but what actually happened is shocking: her organ was stolen!

Sri Rabitah, 25, of Indonesia was looking for work in 2014 and found a position in Abu Dhabi through a local employment agency. When her employers demanded a medical checkup to ensure she didn't have any infectious diseases, Rabitah complied and went to the hospital as schedule. That’s when things started getting suspicious.

Rabitah had been on the job for only two days when she went to an appointment with a doctor that the family set up for her. She thought she would have to get some blood drawn and pee in a cup, but she was surprised when the doctor told her he needed to give her an injection.

“Without permission, I received an injection. How come a medical needed an injection?” Rabitah told the Detik, a foreign newspaper. “The doctor said I was feeling weak, so I was told to relax."

The injection was an anesthetic. Rabitah recalls that when she was in a hazy state, she was brought into what looked like an operating room. Then she went under.

When the woman later woke up, she had a terrible, sharp pain in her lower back. She checked and found a small incision had been made and stitched up. She also noticed there was blood in her urine. She demanded to know what was happening to her, but hospital workers and her employees refused to answer her questions.

Rabitah's employers then fired her, claiming she was unfit for work. The agency re-assigned her to other families, but the woman's health began going downhill. Not being able to afford medical care, the migrant worker ignored the pain in her lower back, but it slowed her down. She eventually was sent back home to Indonesia.

Three years later, Rabitah managed to get a health exam, and she was shocked to learn that she was missing a kidney. “It turned out I only have one kidney left. The doctor explained to me and showed me the intact kidney and where the other kidney was. My right kidney was replaced with some kind of coiled tube as its replacement,” she explained.

She's scheduled for surgery to have the coil removed, but she wants something done about her stolen kidney. She tells the paper, "“I want the government to sue the perpetrator."

Source: Oddity Central
Photo: Karnia Septia/Kompas via Oddity Cental

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