Couple of Nearly 60 Years Made Haunting Pact, Leave Family Shaken

A married couple was found dead together in their Upper West Side New York City apartment on Sunday. The couple went through with a suicide pact after the wife's health problems prevented her from leaving the house anymore. Loved ones are devastated, and say the couple was 'inseparable' since they married in 1960.

Olaf Ringdahl, 86, and his wife Joyce Hope Suskind, 88, were found dead in their home by a family friend who stopped by to check on them. Stephen Collins found the pair with plastic bags on their heads. They left behind suicide notes.

"They always said they wanted to go together. They always wanted to exit together," said a shaken Collins to the NY Daily News. "They had been saying that for years, at least 30 years. I was worried, because we speak every day. I called and got no answer. I came to check on them and found them. It was devastating."

Suskind, a composer, had been suffering from degenerative heart disease. Things got so bad that she was unable to leave the house without assistance. Ringdahl, a photographer, couldn't bear to live without her. The couple was together for almost 60 years, ever since their first date in 1958. They had no children.

Police found suicide notes that the couple left behind. An investigation has been started, though they don't suspect any foul play. The couple may have used drugs to ease their passing, in addition to the bags.

In 1998, Suskind was interviewed by a former student who later became her life coach. Sharon good asked the 70-year-old about her marriage, and reports that Suskind ‘advocates marrying someone you love and have lived with for at least two years.’

It worked for the happy couple, after all, right up to their tragic demise.

"They never separated after their first date,” Collins said. “They had a very loving relationship. She'd say, I don't want to live without him."

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

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