Court Bans Man's Wife From Having Sex With Him - You Won't Believe Why

A man has been forced to fight for the right to be intimate with the woman he married.

A U.K. man with Down syndrome had been married to his wife for five years, and things seemed to be going well. Then the man's wife received a warning from the government: she could face serious legal problems if she had sex with her husband. For a year, the wife and husband were prohibited from being intimate. The man sued the courts, and he won $13,000 in damages.

The unidentified man had reportedly had a healthy sexual relationship with his wife of five years before the problem started, say court documents. A psychologist from a local government entity examined the 38-year-old man and decided that he lacked the mental competence to willfully consent to conjugal relations.

The wife was threatened by a court council that having sex with her husband could be considered a crime. She was ordered to refrain from sex, and the man was ordered to take a sex education class.

The courts then delayed the sex education class for months. After he finally took the class, the psychologist wasn't satisfied that the married man fully understood things like sexually transmitted diseases. He was ordered to take another course.

In the meantime, the couple's marriage suffered some stress. The man's sister got involved, bringing her concerns about all the delays to the Court of Protection. By then, the couple had been banned from having sex for a year.

The judge, Sir Mark Hedley, agreed with the sister. “The impact at the time must have been profound, not only for the loss of sexual relations, but for two other matters peculiar to him," Hedley said. “First, he would have been unable to understand why what was happening should be so.”

"And secondly, in order as she put it, 'not to lead him on,' the wife understandably and foreseeably withdrew to another bedroom and withheld much physical affection."

A court document said that rare case pertained to a 'settled, monogamous and exclusive married relationship'. Usually, when someone is considered mentally incapable of making such relationship decisions, cases of incompetency are initiated before marriage.

Advocates for the sexual needs of people with disabilities say that those who are mentally impaired often want to enjoy a healthy sex life, but they don't know who to turn to for help with it. They're often treated by caregivers like children in that aspect of life: it's treated as taboo and the issue doesn't get addressed.

The safety measures are put in place in order to prevent people who are mentally challenged from being taken advantage of or manipulated. The judge believes the precautions were warranted.

"Many would think that no couple should have had to undergo this highly intrusive move upon their personal privacy, yet such a move was in its essentials entirely lawful and properly motivated," said Hedley. "As I have said, perhaps it is part of the inevitable price that must be paid to have a regime of effective safeguarding."

The British court awarded the man $13,000 for the ban. And, probably more importantly, he and his wife can now be intimate again without fear.

Source: Fox News
Photo: YouTube

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