Dad Goes Missing on Super Bowl, Wife Finally Uncovers Devastating Truth

A husband and father of three seemingly vanished on Super Bowl Sunday, leaving his family frantic. As massive search efforts got underway, the family worried that the man had been kidnapped, run over or killed. On Monday, police found him safe and sound, with a woman he met online.

Walter Lee Arms, 44, went missing around 5:30 pm on February 5th. His wife Kathy and three children, ages 8 through 19, became worried when they got a call that he never made it to work. His family became desperate when they got news that his abandoned car was found dumped on the side of the road near San Antonio, Texas. The car was still running and the driver's side door was open. His wallet, cell phone and two boots were also found at the scene.

The family began search efforts in cooperation with police. We don't know if somebody hit him and picked him up and threw him in the car or just picked him up and took him. We don't know anything," said Janet Moy, Kathy's sister, at the time.

The distraught family began distributing posters and pictures of their loved one. Family members and friends were employed to drive around searching. Kathy appeared on local media and made an emotional plea for information about her husband. "If somebody knows anything or has any information, please call," she said.

"He wouldn't have just left that day and not come back," said a worried friend of the family.

On Monday, police reported to the family that Arms had been found in Ohio. He was completely unharmed and abandoned his family to go live with a woman he met on the internet. "He wanted to escape his life out there and his situation," said a police spokesperson.

"We actually found out thru US Marshalls he left of his own accord with another women(sic)," Moy announced to concerned people on Facebook. "He was not kidnapped. Yes there are two sides to every story but if he wanted out he should have asked for a divorce."

Moy believes her brother-in-law's actions were 'sad' and 'disgusting'.

Dottie Laster, Executive Director of the Heidi Search Center, says taxpayers are questioning whether Arms is going to be handed a bill for the expenses incurred by police to search for him.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

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