Man Does Unthinkable To Woman Years After She Interrupted His Suicide

Years ago, one man was all set to take his own life. He had been thinking about killing himself for a month. He had written the note. He was about 10 seconds away from slitting his wrists, when he got a phone call from an old childhood friend. She stopped him that night, and now, 10 years later, he's marrying her.

Kevin Walsh, now 28 years old, first met his wife Blake when the two attended Bair Lake Bible Camp together in Michigan. They were both 13 years old and fond of archery. When Blake began talking to him, Kevin was excited.

“I was like, ‘At least she’s talking to me; she’s the prettiest girl I had ever seen,'" Kevin said to Inside Edition.

The two kept in touch that year and reunited the next summer. After a while, however, they both outgrew the camp and lost touch.

Life was not good for Kevin in his teens. As the end of high school drew near, he recalls falling into a deep depression and concocting the plan to commit suicide. He was all ready to take his life, but just seconds before the attempt, he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket.

“I was basically staring down the barrel of my own mortality,” said Kevin. Luckily, he picked up the phone and answered it. “It was her. We hadn’t talked in a year and the one person I believed I would have opened up to called at that exact moment I had let everything go and was at peak vulnerability.”

Blake casually asked Kevin what he was doing, and he broke down and told her that he was prepared to kill himself.

“Literally, all she said in that moment was, ‘What? Don’t do that,’” recalls Kevin.

The two chatted, and the phone reunion was so nice that Kevin promised to call Blake back the next day. “That kind of hit me weird because I wasn’t expecting to be around tomorrow,” Kevin said.

Instead of killing himself, Kevin began writing in his journal. He penned his thoughts about Blake, and how happy he was that she showed up in his life again right in the nick of time.

“Over the years, [the journal] grew a couple words at a time,” he said. “Eventually I had a pretty substantial amount of information I wanted to convey and then I realized, 'Holy crap, I think this is a proposal.'"

In order to propose to Blake, Kevin read back some of the words that he wrote about her in his journal. Blake said yes and married him five months later.

Blake actually remembers things a little differently. She thought Kevin called her when they reunited. Either way, it doesn't change the fact that it was an amazing moment.

“I think it’s a true example of a force in the universe intervening and connecting us,” Blake said. “I get goosebumps every single time I talk about it.”

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Inside Edition Screenshot

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