Married Creep Hits on Woman, She Has The Most Profound Response Ever

Unfortunately, there are not nearly as many people who take their marriage vows seriously as there are marriage vows being spoken. In fact, if there were some way to ensure that people could only take those vows when the meant it with all their hearts, there would be a lot fewer married couples in the world. One woman was in a relationship with someone, and that couple meant their vows. She had it out with a creepy man who obviously didn't mean it when he said his. She told him, big time.

The woman shared the text on Imgur after the encounter with the lecherous creep. It seems the two had been engaged in a political debate back and forth on Facebook for a while. The conversation had remained on politics and the woman didn't think much of the sparring partner, until she got some private messages from the guy. Things quickly turned from a friendly debate to an inappropriate advance.

The man asked the woman, "Maybe we should go out sometime."

The woman responded very kindly, "Had I not a husband... You do seem like a catch and I mean that with all sincerity."

"Oh haha you're married," the man responded.

"Yes... And flattered. Thank you."

At that point, the guy could have just parted ways with the woman. Unfortunately, he wasn't a very nice guy... he decided to push things.

"OK so am I but we just won't tell. It will be fun lol," he said.

The woman ignored that text, and again, the man had a chance to do the cordial thing and walk away. But he pushed it.

The woman finally dignified his propositions with a response, and it was a real mic drop.

"When I got diagnosed with cancer last year I didn't have the heart to tell my boys (whom I have always protected) that I could die, my husband had to look in their eyes and say that I was sick."

the woman went on to describe how her husband had held her hand, gave her shots, brought her to chemo, changed drainage bags, waited through surgeries and comforted her.

"During this time there was a song lyric that would constantly loop in my head," she continued. "'Love is watching someone die'. So my question to you is... Who is going to watch you die? Get your house in order and please stop messaging me."

That was an intensely heavy load that the pervert was probably not expecting, but hopefully it got the man thinking a little bit about what’s really important in life. It was a profound yet classy response to someone who seems to take the idea of dishonoring sacred vows and destroying families so lightly. The post went viral with more than 380,000 views. Many people commented to applaud the woman for how she handled the uninvited advances.

With any luck at all, one of the people who saw the post was the guy’s wife.

Source: Yahoo, MailOnline
Photo: Imgur via Yahoo

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