Talk Show Hosts Can't Keep Straight Face As Couple Discusses Their 18 Hour-Long Orgasms

When it comes to orgasms, one couple in Texas just can't get enough. The pair have been studying Tantric sex practices, and now boast that they can have an orgasm just from touch or hugging each other. When they really get going, they claim to experience orgasms that last up to 18 hours. They shared their experiences on a morning talk show recently, sending the hosts into peals of laughter.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield of UK show 'This Morning' interviewed a couple from the U.S. when the talk show hosts were overcome with a raging case of the giggles. They were interviewing 47-year-old Scott McClure and his 33-year-old wife, Melanie, about orgasms. As the Texas couple openly shared some details about their sex life, the talk show hosts had a hard time keeping a straight face.

The interview was conducted through a live video link, and Scott and Melanie were asked to explain their claim that everything they do can trigger an orgasm. Apparently, the couple can get sexual delight from just hugging, dancing together or breathing near each other.

"How does this work? What are you doing?" asked Schofield.

Scott explains that they practice Tantra, an Eastern mystical ritual practice. "One of the key things that most people don't realize is that orgasm is different from the traditional release that comes from climax," he says. "And so when you're able to separate these things, instead of having the traditional trajectory where you kind of get excited, and then climax, and then go to sleep, you're able to have an experience where you keep going."

Scott explains how you can spend hours building to an orgasmic state that will last a long time, so that if you climax you remain in the state. You can have an orgasm without a 'release' that would drain your energy.

Melanie explains that pulling up tantric energy allows them to have orgasms for hours without actually climaxing.

The couple apparently doesn’t even need to be with each other to orgasm.

"We can feel each other even when we're apart," explains Melanie. "We can orgasm all by ourselves just through breathing, and like, feeling orgasm with God, so like just taking in the energy that surrounds us and just pulling it into our bodies and like really blissfully feeling it."

Willoughby asks what happens if the feeling overcomes them somewhere inappropriate, like out in the supermarket.

"First of all I don’t think there is anywhere that is inappropriate," Melanie explains. "Second of all, it's a conscious thing, so Tantra teaches us to be conscious about it, so we get to choose to do it."

"You can tone it down, so it can be a low-level vibration," Scott adds. "So we could even be doing that now, without it being too crazy."

"Are you?" Willoughby asks.

"Sometimes," Mel laughs.

As soon as the interview was over, the two hosts collapsed in hysterics on the couch of the set, and gasped for the producers to go to the break so they could recompose themselves.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: News Dog Media, ITV

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