Woman Criticizes Boyfriend in Bed, Terrified When He Grabs a Sex Toy

Sex can be a touchy subject for couples. Even if the sex is usually good, there can be times that things just don’t work out. Then when you throw alcohol in the mix, the potential for problems rises exponentially.

In a story that could fit in the news of the weird category, a woman from the Sunshine State claims her boyfriend attacked her with a dildo after she insulted him due to his inability to perform sexually.

According to the (rather entertaining) police report, boyfriend Eric Pritsch, 42, and girlfriend Carol Favuzza, 58, were both at least three sheets to the wind when they got into a serious physical disagreement at the trailer they share in Stuart, Florida.

Apparently the incident began when Favuzza told her boyfriend, “you're not a man, you're a mouse”, while they were engaged in sex.

Favuzza told police that at that point Pritsch began to punch her in the face, bite her arm, and then “struck her in the back several times with a plastic dildo and some type of cord”, according to various media sources.

Fortunately, she managed to escape the assault, and ran out of the trailer. Favuzza then reported what had happened to a police officer she flagged down a couple of blocks from her home.

The police report noted the officer could detect the smell of alcohol on her breath, and he could see some swelling of her face. The officer then took Favuzza to the hospital to be treated for her injuries.

The police then went to the trailer and questioned Pritsch. The police report also notes that Pritsch was eventually transported to same hospital because of a “high level of intoxication”.

It seems that despite a thorough search of the trailer, the police officers did not find the dildo in question.


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