Woman Pulls Shocking Prank on Boyfriend, It Goes Viral and Causes Big Debate (Video)

A well-known prankster from the Czech Republic who pretended he had put his girlfriend's dog in a washing machine got a lesson in turnabout is fair play.

The man’s girlfriend, Dominika Petrinova, was seething angry after her boyfriend Erik Meldik’s fake dog in the washing machine joke, which was a huge hit online.

In the clip, the attractive 27-year-old began crying when she was pranked that her beloved dog Sam had accidentally gotten stuck in a washing machine before Meldik let on that it was a joke and Sam was safe and sound.

Petrinova decided enough was enough, and plotted her revenge against Meldik.

She took a video of herself setting up the gag by gluing waxing strips to a plastic office chair.

In an especially cruel twist, the woman then promised her boyfriend, who had just celebrated his birthday, a “special treat.”

In the culmination of the prank, Petrinova led a naked and blindfolded Meldik into the view of the camera and had him sit down on the chair.

Meldik is well known in Europe as one of the 'the “Viral Brothers”, who carry out stunts on each other or their girlfriends.

Petrinova said it boiled down to the dog in the washing machine stunt was just too much, and that she planned to teach Meldik a lesson that he would never forget.

She explained: “I was really upset when I thought Sam was in the washing machine, and he was running after me saying he was sorry but he clearly wasn't because he was filming it and put it all online. Well, now I am pretty sure he is genuinely sorry.”

Source: MailOnline
Source: MailOnline

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